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Current Wine Offers (Anywhere)

On your marks …. Get set ….


Tesco are now also doing the same thing.

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A couple of times I tried to buy some wine on special offer from Tesco using their ‘click and collect’. On both occasions I didn’t get a single bottle as there were none on the shelves when the picker went round. At least they sent me a text message warning me not to come for a non-existent collection!

My complaints did at least give me a much more workable solution. If I go to a store and a wine on special offer is out of stock, I can go to customer services and pay for however many bottles I want at the special offer price. When the wine comes in they will set my bottles aside for me and let me know to come and collect. The price was fixed at the time of purchase so it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get new stock.


Thanks for the reminder re Waitrose. I stocked up on their Blanc de Blancs.


Bubbles seemed like a good move. I took the advice of @Richard and shipped in the Jubilee ESW case, which is a cracker.

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American Express Shop Small promo is live again for a week. You get a fiver statement credit when you spend £15 or more in many independent shops (restaurants, bars etc). If you have an Amex card it’s a great excuse to visit your local indy wine shop.

Very much worth visiting from this week onwards with some very tasty new products on shelf.
Wakefield Jaraman Shiraz (standard Shz/Cab, Merlot & PG also)
Vidal Fleury CdR & St. Jo
Faustino Rivero Ulecia Albariño (the blue bottle one)
Malbado Malbec (made by Santa Rita)
Extra Special Rosso di Montalcino
Baron de Ley Finca Monasterio Rioja
Extra Special Sicilian Riserva Red (some of you might like this if you like the TWS one - in any case, feedback would be most welcome)
Berne Rose
Cremant de Bourgogne
Trimbach Riesling
D’Arenberg The Hermit Crab Viognier Marsanne
Miraval / Studio Rose

All at base prices currently for launch but perhaps keep an eye out for future rollbacks and potential upcoming multi-bottle deals (not in Scotland, sorry!).

And of course don’t forget that the Decanter Platinum 97 point winning Extra Special Rueda is now at £5

You heard it hear first folks!!! :grinning:
Right, I’ll shut up now and quit the shameless self promotion


I’m in for this ……

And this ……(their entry level is great with a few years in bottle)

And this….

Interesting … will give this a try …

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Is the Rueda a Verdejo?

Yep, 100%

It’s a very nice Albariño. Easy drinking, light and makes for an excellent aperitif! :ok_hand:

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Also 20% off 3 or more


:+1:have to find an Asda now…


This seems like quite a good price, although I haven’t tried the wine and no idea what vintage is being offered:

I don’t normally shop at Asda (only one in range is a huge hypermarket that is so big it makes me feel uncomfortable). But your list of recommendations was so impressive I decided to take the plunge for once. Well, I was only interested in the whites and sparkler (we have an overload of reds) and I drew a complete blank on the first pass. Looking more carefully at the empty gaps on the shelves I realised that was where they would have been. So it was a case of ‘you snooze, you lose’.

In the end the only ones you listed that I could find were the Malbec, Wakefield Jameson Shiraz and the two roses. I feel I looked carefully but I was struggling to find Asda own label wines and I therefore missed out on the Rueda as well. Hey ho. I decided to try the two roses and got a bottle of Yalumba Y series Viognier which I am sure we will enjoy. And I got a 20% discount for buying three bottles so not a completely wasted trip :smiley:


This is an excellent Asda champagne, made by Chanoine Frères. Good value at £26 for a 2012. Depth and complexity.


Ahh, very interesting @JayKay and thanks very much for the feedback.
The ES Rueda has been selling very well since the award so potentially has been cleared?
If you were in a massive hypermarket, I would expect that every single SKU would be stocked in that store.
Hopefully people are excited by the improved offering. I’ll have to run some numbers on Monday.
Sorry, you weren’t able to grab everything you set out to but hopefully the 20% off for 3 bottles helped.
I do think that Y series Viognier is the best Y series in Yalumba’s range (again, my bias is showing!)
Cheers :wine_glass:


Agreed. The 2008 was also a cracker - that one was 100% Chardonnay although not labelled as a BdB.
The ability to move from 2008 to 2012 was handy. Not sure what the next vintage will be?
The 2012 is 50/50 Chard/PN I believe. No Meunier which typically makes up a majority of supermarket own label Champagne. Maybe that is why you enjoyed it? A very positive review in Decanter a few months back as well IIRC.


The same here too. Unfortunately none of these were on the shelves in the Watford branch either. From yesterday’s shopping list ( if legible ! )…

…there was some veg on it too BTW :laughing: