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Current Wine Offers (Anywhere)

So presumably, none of the wines are on ‘offer’ which were previously at 25% off during the previous ‘offer’.

As I understand it, a product has to be on the shelves for a fixed higher price for a certain time prior to the discounted offer? so that means they cannot promote - pretty much any their wines under the latest offer?

Can’t wait for the next one, will that be the Waitrose Christmas offer, or the New Years offer?.

I think there might be some wiggle room around this with a good old loophole.

Assuming most wines were moved back up to their base price for the start of the B6S25% deal…
Many people would have bought 5 bottles or less (most likely 1 or 2… I mean why wouldn’t you upgrade from 5 to 6 to get the 25% overlay discount?!) and therefore not got the wine on any offer.

So the supermarket can then claim product X was on base price previously so now it can be on the offer. Just a guess :upside_down_face:


Last years Waitrose 10 for £10 offer was so p poor that there was little point to it, yes in the past but last year…

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Not many in South Tyneside or Sunderland know what icewine is, so I usually wait until beginning of February when I swoop in to buy them for £3.99 a piece… #winning


Thanks for this. At £11.25 a bottle I agree you can’t go wrong! Freshly collected after a “click” last night.


Isn’t it wine you put ice in?

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You mean ‘wine’?

Nope :sweat_smile:


Good old Vivino have the Viña Ardanza Reserva 2015 @ £26, so potentially a decent price if you’ve got any discount codes

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Agreed - the Faustino GR is great value. The 2010 will still be going in 2030 at least.


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I’ll probably be opening bottle 2 of 12 in 2030 :smiley:

Based on past performance, I’d be amazed if it isn’t still going strong in 2050. The 2001 is going through a phase of putting on weight at the moment , and the 2000 is on some sort of seemingly never-ending plateau. I think the 2004 is going to be ready sometime next century. It’s a phenomenal phenomenon considering the bargain-basement price.


ASDA is not one of my favourite shops but they sometimes have some odd bargains. I spotted Lacheteau Cremant de Loire for £10 with 25% off six, hence £7.50 a bottle.
Produced by Lacheteau, 37210 Vouvray, who appear to be part of Grands Chais de France along with Calvet, Moillard, J P Chenet and other brands.

My suspicion is that it isn’t worth much more than £7.50 a bottle but any comments welcome.


A few more Cremant’s released by Asda recently.
This would be my pick. Toasty and brioche. If you like that style, this is excellent for £9 on the buy 6 deal.


In French supermarkets there is always a raft of cremants on sale at around the €6-8 mark, made to industrial standards. Take your pick. I usually go for Veuve Ambal, made just outside Beaune, for a reasonably inoffensive fizz, and usually “on offer” in that price range. So I guess it depends on what you like and are looking for but doesn’t strike me as bargain of the century. In this country my pick would be Majestic which stocks Bouvet-Ladubay cremant de Loire which is actually quite nice imo


Thank you @PHarvey for your advice, very helpful.
I am used to seeing Veuve Ambal on the shelves whilst stocking up on Carrefour sparkling Saumur, which was around the five to six euro mark I think.
For me Majestic is very convenient, yards, rather than some 15 miles for ASDA, Morrisons and Sainsburys.

Yes, Arthur Metz rings a bell, I often forget Alsace, thank you very much for that tip.

quote=“Kidman, post:1266, topic:9946”]
For me Majestic is very convenient, yards, rather than some 15 miles for ASDA, Morrisons and Sainsburys.

Location, location, location!:smiley::smiley:

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Bouvet Sparkling Wines the saphir label is worth the extra; if it is stocked


More crémant offers.
One can buy the TWS own brand, which is Gratien et Meyer, 2018 for about £10 a bottle when buying six;
or get the Gratien et Meyer, NV, from Tesco until Monday at £7.50 a bottle when buying six wines.

I am assuming the Tesco offer is NV as I can’t see any vintage indication on their website, I may be wrong. Either way I feel far safer with this than the ASDA offer.


I hadn’t realised how interconnected so many sparkling wine brands are.
In 2000 Gratien et Meyer became part of Henkell, the sekt producer. They in turn have merged with Freixenet. Henkell Freixenet, the sparkling wine, wine and spirits division of the Oetker Group, closed the 2020 financial year with net sales of EUR 1.195 billion .
Their brands include Alfred Gratien Champagne, Fürst von Metternich, Chapel Hill, Mionetto Prosecco, i Heart and many others.

To quote them: “Henkell Freixenet is the world’s leading producer of sparkling wine, and offers Sekt, Cava, Prosecco, Champagne and Crémant from one source – in addition to a diverse range of wines and spirits.