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Current Wine Offers (Anywhere)

The Coleraine is excellent. One of the best Bordeaux blends I’ve had from the new world. Unfortunately the price has been steadily rising over the last few years. Picking up a bottle at around £40 is a serious bargain.

Hope you enjoy it @Birgir.

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Thank you! It looks delish… Now how to store it for a while…


Waitrose Offer:

25% OFF 6 Bottles Or More Priced £5 Or Over

Offer available for delivery or collection until 29/06/2021.


Not sure that offer is on

It is. I have just used it for a delivery next Sunday.

@Furryshark Please give a link…

Waitrose - the supermarket - have their usual ‘rolling’ 25% off a few of their wines, and you don’t have to buy 6, but the current discounts are valid to 22/6.

Waitrose Cellar have 25% off some wines and I can’t see a requirement to buy six

Is it the case that it’s not ‘live’ yet but you can trigger it if you schedule delivery for within the offer dates?

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Looks like it kicks in from Wednesday next week, hopefully waitrose cellar as well.

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It’s an offer that came up whilst I was on the Waitrose website whilst grocery shopping for a delivery a week tomorrow. I don’t know when it is live but just know it ends on the 29th. It is online only, strictly for delivery or pick-up/collection.

My original post is a copy and paste from the messaging that appeared on their website when adding to my basket this morning. A good deal.

Something like that I reckon.

These deals are normally available in stores, where I imagine the discount will be offered next week.

Indeed, but the copy and pasted wording above is clearly just online and for the usual Waitrose website. They may well do the same in-store and with Waitrose Cellar.

Seems likely, adding a random bottle on a current offer warns you that it expires on the 22nd if you choose a later date for delivery.

I noticed Sainsbury currently has half-bottles of CVNE Reserva Rioja 2016 at £6 a bottle and 25% off if you buy 6. £4.50 seems a bit of a gift!


For fans of this (like @Taffy-on-Tour) here’s a deal from Tuesday.

Bollinger Champagne Non Vintage 75Cl (tesco.com)

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Except in Scotland!!
Thanks for thinking of me!! :+1:
And nothing special priced for Bolly in Asda, Morrisons or Sainsbury’s.
The best recent prices WaitroseCellar.com
I do so hope that Sarah can come up with some very special prices in the Summer Bolly Offer? :pray: :dragon:

what is this obsession with branded champagne ? Don’t get it sorry.


I picked up a couple of 75cl bottles of this (same vintage) from Waitrose last November at £10.12. I seem to remember there were some mixed reviews on it though I’ve not opened mine yet (soon though). I also seem to recall it was to make up a 6 for the discount.

I took one for the team and gave up an AFD yesterday to try one of the halves! A lot of raspberry flavours and a pleasing freshness. I enjoyed it and thought it was very good value.


That’s a bit strong.
Are we all entitled to buy what we like?
I have tried:
Taittinger NV & Vintage
Veuve NV & Vintage
Pol Roger
The WS NV and Vintage Champagne
Co-op own brand
Aldi own brand
& many, many more.

Waitrose “Duval-Leroy” Champagne
M&S Oudinot Champagne
Sainsbury’s Blancs de Noirs Champagne
Bollinger in many guises.

Not a fan of the top 9 on this list.
Enjoyed the bottom 6.
Obsessed, not so much!! :dragon: