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Current Wine Offers (Anywhere)

Does it help improve their balance? :wink:


Vivino offering free delivery for minimum of 3 bottles.
Only for this weekend.


10‰ off everything too.

I bought three Rubicon 2017s at the same bottle price as the case discount offer shared earlier in the week (same supplier, just through Vivino). I’d have loved a full six but just don’t have the storage space, on the basis they’ll need another few years to hit their stride.

Step right up up, ladies and gentlemen, once in a lifetime offer, only for this weekend… you wont see another bargain like this… Step right up !

So convincing.

Is there a code the 10% off or is it automatically applied?

The code is HOLIDAY10

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Oh great. Me not buying wine until the Greece offer didn’t last long…


If you use this code on vivino you get 15% off

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it still works, but only if the account has not bought from vivino before

I’m not convinced by Vivino. I’ve scrolled down through their list and compared prices like for like on Wine Searcher, including same vintage, of several offerings which might have appealed to me and they are frequently several £££s more expensive, even taking the 15% discount, than other merchants.

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I haven’t and I got an email giving me the code, but it didn’t work.

Me neither but I bought 3 x Comando G La Bruja de Rozas 2017 which came out at about £18 a bottle with 10% off.


You definitely have to check their prices. I only use them for their special offers but their special offers are very often not special at all.

It is worth checking the offers though because every now and again they do have some great ones but you have to be quick as there are limited numbers of bottles.

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I gave up the supermarket when I joined the WS. I started out at £6 quid a bottle and now don’t drink much below the 10 to 20 range. My current recommendation is Schola Sarmenti Cubardi Primitivo IGT Salento at £14.95 from Virgin. It does not have a vintage as far as I could see. It is great value if you like an atomic fruit bomb style of wine. A couple of their other primitivos are almost as good. None of the other bottles I bought from Virgin had this high a quality to price ratio.


Vivino were good value pre Brexit, free delivery for 6 bottles etc. Now you normally have to spend £120 for free delivery, unless there are special offers on

Me too! I have a spot-spot for a fruit-bomb Zinfandel…especially with a good slice of California-style pizza (you know, the ones with Cremini mushroom, onion, mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, garlic olive oil, and Italian parsley, from the co-op in Berkeley).

Bollinger Champagne Delivery | Buy Champagne | Waitrose Cellar

Finally got an offer here - in stock!!
Bolly halves £18.69
Bolly Rose halves £28.00
Bolly Rose bottles £39.00
Sweetened by going through TopCashBack.com for a 4.25% kickback.
Make no mistake, that I would have far preferred buying from the Society.
Maybe, next time - from their Summer Offer :dragon:

Not for me - was VERY disappointed by the last bottle I had. But… could be just me.

Oh… just checked the website. ‘Only for this weekend’ has been extended to 9th May. I must be having a cynical glass half empty day.