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Can you confirm the vintage as 2012?

Apologies - it was the 2005, which I’ve enjoyed before, so was pleased with the find.


I was on a mission and i failed!


Been there, done that!

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Chateau des Jacques Moulin-a-vent 2016 reduced by £4 in my local sainsburys… I’ve not tried it but have read that it develops into something fairly special with time - although I do wonder if the two bottles I bought have been sat under bright supermarket lights for 5 years

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Supermarket wine, drove me to discover TWS a decade or so ago. I doubt very much the Moulin-a-vent will develop into anything with time - it’s not the business model supermarket’s work with.

TURNOVER is king, purchased in bulk to be at it’s peak when on the shelf - after that… not their problem.

But… might just pop into my local next day or so :slight_smile:

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do you mean condition, or this wine inherently? because there’s a lot of people claim that it does…
I buy almost no wine from supermarkets but this one gets a lot of praise online

W/S list 2 Ch St. Jacques wines at £25 a pop.

Think the Sainsbury’s will be the standard wine as opposed to the Grand Carquelin should be ok with a price cut.

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I’ve bought a few of those Chateau des Jacques Moulin-a-vent from supermarkets over the years because I’d seen them quite highly spoken of, plus I do like a gamay sometimes; to date though I’ve found it a bit acidic and thin, but have two of them “resting” for a few years to see if they turn nicer. Gamay-wise, I tend to like the St Amour ones FWIW, though a decent Moulin can be exceedingly enjoyable too.

Yes it the basic wine but with some time in bottle and a good vintage I’ve found it very nice. We’ve probably had half a dozen of which a couple were indifferent (drunk young-ish) and some have been really very pleasant. I’ve arrived at the rule of thumb that about 5 years from the vintage is a good time to approach them


I bought a couple of bottles of the CSJ Moulin a Vent in a Sainsbury 25% off a couple of years ago. The first bottle wasn’t very pleasant, but the second (which I had a few weeks ago after it had been sitting around for at least a year) was delicious.

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As a general personal observation about village cru Beaujolais, and Loire cab francs for that matter, I think the main arbiter of predicting the enjoyment value of what’s inside the bottle is the vintage; which seems to influence bottle variation more than the producer or precise location of the vineyards. Certainly much more so than further south. A good warm ripe vintage in Beaujolais will probably be reflected across the board, and conversely. Having said that I have definitely noticed that in the past decade or so, Loire cab francs have become more reliable, riper, fuller bodied than they were in the 90’s


If folks are interested there is a Cru Beaujolais event on 27th and a number of new additions to the range. FWIW these seem like quite good value at the moment


We’re definitely going to be ‘there’ (or rather here) - and will be opening this one:

Very much looking forward! :grinning: :wine_glass:


On the subject of Beaujolais, Roberson’s have an offer on the 2019 of this Thevenet Morgon that I know a few people (@lapin_rouge?) have mentioned previously:

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I know very little about Beaujolais other than my parents making fun of it when I was growing up. @Inbar As I will be experiencing this without any prejudices or preconceptions, can you recommend a place to start?


You could do a lot worse than one of these Michael


I used to have almost exactly the same view. Largely, I suspect, coloured by Beaujolais nouveau. I have since learned that the crus are indeed age-worthy and considerably more serious than I had previously assumed. As @Brocklehurstj suggests that case would probably be a good starting point. I have now had several crus at about 4-5 years of age and been both surprised and impressed.


I can only second what @Brocklehurstj and @MikeFranklin had said! It’s a shame Beaujolais has still got a bit of an image issue, but on the plus side - it means you can still get delicious wines for very little money, especially when you consider how well some of the Crus can age.

The Cru mixed case suggestion would be an excellent place to start, for sure! I can also recommend Dominique Piron wines - his Morgon Côte du Py (currently only half bottles are in stock) and his Chénas Quartz (currently out of stock, but worth keeping an eye for) are both excellent examples, in my opinion. If you shop in Waitrose, they often stock his Beaujolais-Village as well, which for me is a perfect house red, as well as his Morgon Grand Cras. Stéphane Aviron is another fab producer - watch out for his Quincié - hopefully a new vintage will come back into stock.

Are you planning to attend the Beaujolais Cru event? If so, I’m sure Tim Sykes will give excellent info and tips in that event. :+1: