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Not even joking I would 100% buy prum kabi in cans. Would be amazing in the summer.


A case on the way here as well…:yum::clinking_glasses:

Brilliant bargain ferreting! I must check out my local…

Impressive skills, how could you tell? Sticker price was 18, check out price was 8. Thanks.

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Shelved separately from the normal selection helped in this case.

Oooh, have to check that out.

Thanks for the tip, @Espen! Bagsied two at my local:

The lady at Customer Services was baffled yet again (happened recently with the aged Champagne also mentioned on this forum). She checked several bottles, and even took my bottles to ‘double check at the till because it’s marked as £18’… she returned with them both, saying ‘well, it’s showing as £8 at checkout, so must be right…’. She looked so confused, I almost confessed to having inside-knowledge :smiley:

I noticed, as well, that M&S seems to have a new (?) range called ‘Found’. Nothing we haven’t ‘found’ in this community - but nice to see them stocking a few more interesting bottles, including a Ribolla Gialla, Moscofilero & Roditis blend, Xinomavro and Mandilaria blend (made by guess-who…) and a few others.

I grabbed a couple of the Blanquette de Limoux from this new range.


Snap! Couldn’t resist. Thanks @Espen.


Interestingly, I came across a post online on a ‘hot UK deals’ forum, which shows that this one should have been £20 not £18 originally. And come to think of it, I think the ticket on the wines I picked today actually said Brocard, Premier Cru Fourchaume, not Mont de Milieu… :thinking: double confusing!
But happy ending, in any case… :grin:

Yes I noticed that as well re: the shelf ticket saying Fourchaume - I was happy not to ask any questions!

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If you want confusing I see from the HUKD photo that they like to freely mix Les Domaines Brocard, Domaine Brocard and Famille Brocard between bottle labels, online listings, and shelf labels. Another example is this:
https://www.marksandspencer.com/famille-brocard-chablis-organic-case-of-6/p/wnp60515236 (this one was the only shelf-labelled Brocard in my M&S and clearly unrelated to the premier cru being cleared). But who are we to complain in this case? :grin:


I’m sure @SteveSlatcher said Thymiopoulos’s Atma red at Waitrose was a Xinomavro/Mandilaria blend. Not so much ‘found’ as copied if it’s the same. Decent price though so will probably persuade myself to head to M&S tomorrow morning!!!

Who am I kidding? Already decided to go to M&S tomorrow!


This looks very interesting, but wasn’t the Waitrose wine the Thymiopoulos’s “Atma Xinomavrol” which is not the same as the Thymiopoulos’s “Atma Red”, at least as far as I can tell? The bottle shape is different and my reading is that this M&S offering will be the latter blend with the same ratios from the same producer, so at worst a variation, as opposed to a copy, I would say.

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I’m more intrigued now, bottle shape could also allow for a change of seller. Hopefully my local M&S will have it as I don’t fancy driving around to other stores (probably will though) to try it alongside the Atma.

I think supermarkets (and TWS for that matter) are large enough to get a wine specific to their needs to hit a price point, so the blend in their own label version will not necessarily be identical to similar wines offered under the producers label. The difference in taste/quality may or may not be significant.

Note also that 100% varietal wines are often still blends - from different vineyards, different batches which may have seen different winemaking, and indeed different vintages (even for wines with a single vintage on the label)


I think there are some fans of Felton Road wines here, so this may be of interest - seems good value especially considering age.


Sadly empty shelf at M&S Huddersfield, No bargain Prem Cru Chablis. Consoled myself with a £19 Margaux 2016 (which scanned at £19 as well) ah well…

Have I been 'bait’n’switched by a cunning marketing wheeze at M&S ? prob not.


No Prem Cru Chablis or the Xinomavro in M&S Truro today…not even an empty space on the shelf where they might’ve been :weary:

No premier cru in Beckenham shop either :frowning: , I must have walked round it three times “just to be sure”. They hide their wines all over the place.

No Easter bargain Chablis in Giltbrook or Mansfield this morning. Suspect that’s the end of any giveaways until June.