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Current Wine Offers (Anywhere)

I’m guessing they’ve sold out online, it was Cune Rioja gran reserva. Reduced to. £7.80 a bottle!

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Gosh whatta bargain!

Were you successful?

No luck in my Tesco all sold out, they had it priced up even cheaper at £5.20!!

it’s William Fevre not Domaine William Fevre so not quite the bargain it looks like

Interesting and thanks for pointing that out. There is a dearth of info out there on the difference, ie why the domaine is superior.

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Isn’t that undermining your own brand with confusion?

I used to buy Fevre fairly often years ago, and A) have no idea whether I bought Domaine or not and B) was’nt even aware there was a difference. I stopped buying because I thought the quality dropped off compared to price expected. Maybe I inadvertently switched from one to another?


It is a little odd. I think most well known domaines with a negoce business make it a little clearer that the wine is the negociant offering - Maison Roche de Bellene/Domaine de Bellene, JL Chave Selections/Domaine JL Chave, etc.


Our local M&S (Southgate, deepest N. London) had a few bottles of Ridgeview Marksman BdB, down from £27 to £15. Didn’t buy one and then regretted it on looking up some reviews.

Might see if there are any left later this week.


Mentioned up thread - I bought 2 a few weeks ago and opened one and it was good but a bit sharp, I think another year or two will improve it. There were still a few left on the shelf Friday but on another wine forum there’s some reports of lighstrike.

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Thanks for that. There were a mixture of 2017 & 2015 bottles in ours and I’d definitely be wary of the older vintage which has presumably been kicking around all this time.

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Ahh only the 2017 in mine, still worth a go just worth bearing in mind / keep the receipt!

Whilst trying to find some chocolate in Asda, I accidentally stumbled into a bottle of Dow’s Quinta do Bomfim 2009 for £21, which fell into my trolley. Probably worth a punt. Not sure how long it has been on the shelf, but port is pretty tough stuff.


I had this wine late last year when it was flagged ‘on offer’ - it was delicious and I have looked to buy more since - Enjoy!

Waitrose’s 25% off 6 or more bottles starts today…


Is there actually anything worth buying in Waitrose?

TWS beats Waitrose hands down for overall range, value and consistency of quality. Like all supermarkets, Waitrose sells a lot of mediocre dross, and I’d always avoid their Gigondas, St Jo, CndP, Barolo etc as they tend to be poor versions of those great wines.

Where Waitrose gets more interesting is when you can get 25% off wines you’ll rarely see discounted elsewhere - like Musar, Chocolate Block, John X Merriman, decent Chablis and various top Riojas (Tondonia, Muga, Bosconia etc). I also really like their sherry and madeira which is an even bigger bargain with the discount.


Waitrose used to be so much better. Other than Musar, Choc Bloc and a few others in the fine wine section from time to time the range is awful. A shame as they could do much better with the mid week bottle range.

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Seriously I have no control at all. Rustenberg, Guigal, Chocolate Block, Musar and Thymiopoulos all purchased.


I think Waitrose is better than any other supermarket for wine, although it is a pretty low bar. And yes it used to be much better. But I can always find half a dozen something there. H&H 15yo Verdelho fr’instance.


If you go on Waitrose wine cellar there is a good selection of top wines! All with the offer