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Current Wine Offers (Anywhere)

Majestic now has some March offers up, including Nyetimber at 27.99 mix 6 price.

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oh good…the biscuit barrel is getting low


Waitrose have discounted the Chapel Down Brut from £27 to £20 which is a bit more than 25%

We had our last bottle of that at end of January* and it was delicious. Now I’ve got to beg Mrs M. to edit tomorrow’s order to add it as the offer runs out on 2 March.

*at the start of our World Travel in Lockdown - It’s time to travel! - Home & Lifestyle / Food Matching & Recipes - The Society’s Community (thewinesociety.com)


Some really low prices at Tesco right now, the range is as dull as dishwater however we added these to our monthly delivery due to the silly prices!

Boschendal Chenin Blanc £3.15!


Vasse Felix Classic Semillon Sauvignon Blanc £4.20!


Vergelegen Sauvignon Blanc £3.50!


I take it these will all be discontinued lines in the near future, so clearing stock?

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Yes, some Australian and South African wine-makers with too much stock, need to sell through before the latest harvest starts requiring space in wineries.


The links to those wines show prices of £9, £12 and £10 respectively.

Maybe the offer ended yesterday. If your order was not delivered yesterday I suggest you check it as my understanding is they charge the rate at time of delivery, not date or order.


They offer a small and slightly eclectic range of wines, some I know and some I don’t but Tordoff Wines (https://tordoffwines.com) are currently offering 20% off until Sunday with code TW20.

Also, if you have American Express, there’s an offer on the app which gives another 20% cash back on all purchases. I’ve bought a bottle of the Bollinger PN VZ15 to try as the combined savings made quite a difference.

@MichaelB That is much appreciated. I’ve been hanging my nose over the PN VZ15 for a while. Works out at £58.46 a bottle which is great. Bought 2 as did not want one to get lonely.

I can already hear Lady Brentw1…“More Champagne dear! Isn’t 244 bottles with 17 pending of 53 wines enough?” :flushed:


Interesting…how do they know about the Amex discount? Is that bit not invisible to them, or have they assumed it’s being discounted as you’re using Amex? I’d always assumed Amex heavily subsidised these statement credits anyway to encourage/reward merchants for accepting their cards.

Just looks like they’ve expired the TW20 discount code early. Like you, I assume Amex subsidised these card offers.

See the overenthusiastic buying thread… you are in good company here I can assure you!

Amex don’t subsidise anything! If you want an offer you have to fund it so my guess is that a quite a few people have sussed the double offer and it’s costing TW quite a bit.

I had an email from Tordoff this morning apologising and pointing out that the double offer did not apply. Fair enough in my opinion so I cancelled the order.

Genuine mistake as far as I am aware and don’t want a small wine merchant losing out as a result.

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Saw this today on Tesco, will be heading over to my local Tesco’s to see if they have any!

No vintage shown?

Seen on another wine page that it’s the 2014 vintage.

Three I picked up were all 2013.

I have bought cracking wine from Costco in the past but not for a good few years. This Chablis looks like quite a deal, even factoring in £15 online only membership. Certainly cheaper than the current Burgundy EP offering for the same wine.


Gis us a clue - not getting anything on the link…

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