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Current Wine Offers (Anywhere)

This is on offer for £12 in Waitrose until the 2nd March…

…and cheaper still if you’re looking for a basket filler to hit a discount voucher target as I was.


I bought a couple yesterday, with a £12 of £60 coupon effectively bringing it below a tenner a bottle. Have never had it before so looking forward to the weather getting warm again to enjoy it outside.

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Result ! Mine was a paltry £9 off £60. Although I haven’t tried this vintage yet it’s always exceeded my expectations previously. Hopefully this one will too. Al fresco on a warm day sounds perfect BTW.

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Excellent - looking forward to trying it now, roll on summer after this interminable winter.

These are the first vouchers waitrose have sent me for about 18 months (aside from piddly 50p off butter or bread). They’re great to ‘stack’ on top of in-store discounts for higher end spirits or wines. I picked up a couple of Guigal Brune et Blondes for about £25 a while ago, for example.


Times subscribers can get 6 bottles of Ch Ramage la Batisse 2015 for £81 delivered.

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Love this stuff, but haven’t had any for ages. I saw it in Waitrose Cellar a couple of days ago but it had already sold out - need to get myself to a big branch ASAP!

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Well @Embee, you are responsible for me going to Waitrose today, where there was plenty of the albariño available. Also Wirra Wirra Church Block for £9.99 which seemed a decent price too. Roll on some sunny weather!


Went to Co-op this morning for milk. Returned with a bottle of Mackinlay’s Shackleton Blended Malt. Reduced to 13.50. I can confirm that buying whisky at 9am is not a good look.


But better than milk in your cornflakes


A sprinkling of cornflakes on a breakfast whisky? It’s practically a cocktail.


Sainsbury’s are currently selling Paco & Lola Albariño for £11 rather than £14 (not sure for how long). I picked up a few in my local the other day. Although perhaps not quite in the same league as the Palacio de Fefiñanes example currently on sale in Waitrose, the Paco and Lola one is an excellent mid-week Albariño, and - to my mind - on par with the Pazo de Villarei.


Have you tried this before? Always see it on offer in the supermarkets.
Coop is great for alcohol bargains at times.

@Inbar It got a decent review in the latest Decanter weekday wines section. I bought one and definitely a decent mid week wine.

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Take away the cornflakes and add some vermouth and you’ve got a real breakfast.


Never tried it, google seemed to suggest sweet and light. Yes I’m a big fan of Co-op for everything, when they discount they really mean it.

I discovered the famed Co-op January wine clearance in my local (Hove) store last year. They had very decent discounts on some great wines such as Clos Floridene, CVNE Imperial, Perrin les Sinards and les Cornuds, and various premium Alsace and German wines. At around the start of the first lockdown they completely downgraded the whole wine range in that branch so that non of these interesting wines are available - it’s mostly just standard supermarket mediocrity there now which is a real shame.


Today I had a shop at Sainsburys and hunted for any bargains. Lots of empty shelves where discounted wines once lived, including the Albariño mentioned by @inbar. I picked up a bottle of Claude Carre Blanc de Blanc 2006 vintage champagne for £25. On paper an exceptionally good price for a vintage champagne. Fingers crossed it will be good, but if not more Kir Royale for the JayKays​:+1:. Mr JayKay is facing his second lockdown birthday at the end of April so good forward planning by me :innocent:


I’ve noticed loads of empty wine shelves recently in supermarkets - when I’ve been trying to pick up something on offer staff have told me that importing from the EU is really tricky at the moment.

It’s the ultimate first world problem and people are facing a million more important issues right now, but it’s annoying when something you’ve been waiting for ages to be discounted is nowhere to be seen.


Wine Offers - Waitrose Cellar

25% off selected spirits and wines.
Some good offers on Bourbons too.


Not sure if M&S everywhere has this offer but they have the Famille Brocard Mont de Mlieu 2018 Premier Cru Chablis reduced to clear from 21GBP to 8GBP. I bought what was on the shelf at mine!