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I’ve been drinking Veuve vintage for years - and I like it!

It is a complete step-change from the regular NV (which was once a bye-word for consistency but is now outrageously inconsistent).

I have a couple of bottles of the 2012 sitting around, haven’t drunk it yet, but if it’s anything like the '96, '02, '04, and '08 then it’s a definite buy at £30.

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And 2012 was a banner year for black grapes so should suit Veuve’s style alot.

Apologies for the infantile question but how would you compare it to something like Bollinger? (My go to)

Bought 3 today in store, nice lad had to check out back if they had any as shelf was cleared. He returned with x1 2012 and x2 2008. So well worth a check if you shop in person.


Beyond Bollinger NV, I’m afraid I don’t know the style well enough to answer.

The vintage Veuve changes from vintage-to-vintage (which is partly why I like it), and is much less biscuity/briochy than the ‘house style’, but it’s always of good quality. Supposedly the vintage is actually more individual than the La Grande Dame bottling, which retains more of the ‘bigger’ house style. (though it is never delicate or floral, say like a Perrier Jouet).


Well my thanks to you both for the advice. Sounds like it’s definitely worth a punt, as I do enjoy Pinot Noir dominant blends. Ordered 6 to slumber for another couple of years.

Also couldn’t resist the Deutz offer on the WS when they give you 2 free bottles…!


Bollinger nv a favourite here too and currently double discounted at Sainsbury’s: £10 off and included in their ‘buy 6 save 25%’. Works out at £26.25 each which is the best I’ve seen. :champagne: :champagne:


Yep, amazing deal, had 6 delivered a few weeks ago. Considering going back for more…

Ok, need some advice/confirmation:

Ordered 7 bottles of champagne (3 Landon rosé, 2 Moët rosé, 2 bolly nv) from Sainsbury’s to get 25% discount, and asked for no substitutions in cas of unavailability
Delivery is later today.
Unfortunately, I have just received an email telling me that 5 out of the 7 (the rosés) are out of stock…
Fine, but it is totally unclear whether sainsbury’s will honour the discounted multibuy price on the remaining 2 bottles of bolly - the online page does not yet reflect what I received by email, so unclear what my bill is going to be.

Does anyone know how it works in this case? Will I get charged at full price for these 2 bottles and should return them at delivery?

I rarely shop with them… I guess I’ll use the money with the Society’s champagne offers then :slight_smile:

I had that with Sainsbury’s once. Got 2/6 delivered and they didn’t offer the discount, although they would have taken them back at point of delivery.

I called customer services who, I have to say very reluctantly, gave me a voucher for the missed saving on the two. Wasn’t a great experience - we do most of our family of five shopping there, and customer service made it sound like he was reluctantly doing me a favour - when they have taken my order, failed to supply and withdrawn the discount.

In conclusion, I’d say accept them only if you have the stomach for a customer service battle with an uncertain outcome…I haven’t bothered since with Sainsbury’s 25% off online. Waitrose cellar are better at 25% off time as they only take your order if they have stock (although beware vintage substitutes)


Thanks, that’s what I feared… I will return them then. No appetite for the hassle…

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Just received now the card charge notification (glad I charged it to my curve card so I could get the notifications rather than the classic bank card): the bottles are indeed at full 35£ price… so long Sainsbury’s, won’t be ordering from you anytime soon🤨


I’ve learned from the past so I always order a few more bottles.

I wanted to get 12 bottles of a wine for my son who doesn’t have a Sainsburys within 100 miles. I added four more bottles for myself

I got message on delivery day that I could only get 6 of the 12.
When I counted bottles on delivery there were only 5 - not 6 , and I confirmed that with the delivery guy who said ‘No problem, you’ll get a refund’ (I said the problem was I hadn’t got the 12 I ordered or the 6 promised, but he couldn’t do anything about that…)

Anyway because I ordered 4 for myself that made 9 wines so I still got the 25% off, and I got a email from Sainsbury’s to say they were refunding the missing bottle.

The refund was of the price of the wine before 25% discount, so I got back more than I paid…

But should I risk ordering another 7?


I understand that the best approach for home delivery from Sainsburys / Tesco when buying during the 25% off 6 is to allow for substitutions. You’ll probably end up rejecting subs at the door but if any of the 6 are ones you wanted the discount will be preserved on them and you’ll just have the substitutes refunded (often at full price I understand) - so you’ll be up on the deal over all (if you follow me) :slight_smile: .


I see.
thanks for the info.

I had started looking at the substitutions policy… but gave up and ticked no sub - cause I saw some voucher wording here and there, but it seems you are right, rejecting subs leads to refund, while accepting subs more expensive, gets you charged more and given vouchers… what the heck is that policy…

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Absolutely: no benefit in allowing subs at Sainsbury. Yes, its hit and miss as to how many bottles you get but when it works - as it did for me with the Bollinger offer - the price can make the effort worth it.

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Call me old fashioned but I just go the shop and buy it then you know exactly what you are getting. I just can’t throw myself into shopping for stuff on line if I’m not confident that I’ll get what I want or it’s going to fit. I’ve many friends who seem to spend half their lives receiving parcels and sending them back again.
I did pop into Sainsbury’s though and bought 6 bottles of their Barbaresco 2016. Normally £13.50 but with a £2.50 reduction and the 25% off giving a final price of £8 a bottle for a nice taster of the Nebbolio grape from a great vintage. The 2015 was cracking stuff & I’m hoping the 16 should be even better.


would love to go the shop and bring back 6 bottles if there is stock.
but I have no car :smiley:

ok, case closed now: I rejected the two bottles at delivery and will get a refund (hopefully… of the right amount… :neutral_face: )

I asked the delivery man about ordering with substitutes, and only declining the substitutes, but he was not convinced the discount would be honoured on the bottles that would be kept if there are less than 6 of them… weird…

Had a look for some Lidl Julienas this morning after reading this but they didn’t have any. Shame as I enjoyed the 2017 last year, it was very good and would have been an absolute steal at £5.99. Certainly being undersold at only 87 points.

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