Current Wine Offers (Anywhere)

I went back for more, it’s a great find. The Shiraz is ok but the Pinot is great

Highly recommend these.
Cab works out at £6.75 and the Chard is £7.50 on the buy 6 deal. Ridiculous value. Don’t be put off by the brand!
I bought 10 x CS & 6 x Chard yesterday. They are all from the 2021 vintage (which is a cracker).
Full disclosure, I have a vested interest.


Actually, that’s only a partial disclosure.


Oh sorry, I’m Australian too :grin:


The Sonoma?

Yes. I was very impressed for 12.50

Agreed. It’s not exactly subtle, and at 14.5%, a bit of a bruiser, but it is excellent and at that price probably the biggest bargain in the whole Majestic range.

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Keep looking at this offer as they keep reminding me each day but struggling to know what to buy so have abandoned the idea :woozy_face:

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I’d be looking at Germany if anything but I have plenty, and no storage space. So likewise!

Those are not the Spätburgunders I was looking for

This is a Caveat Emptor posting, about Winedirect (Sussex)

For the second time in a row they have taken my money with the initial order, but now some 5 weeks later they still have not advised on a delivery date, let alone despatched the order. On my account the order is still “pending”. No replies to emails and the customer phone is unanswered. Today I asked my Card provider to seek a refund.

This used to happen in their incarnation several years ago before the “Sussex” suffix was added - I think a Management Buyout followed - and for a while they did honour the orders and I’d receive the wine within a few days. But an order I placed in April was not fulfilled but at least they were answering the phone then and I got the order cancelled and refunded.

So I would strongly suggest that anyone considering placing an order with them currently should think again.

Anyone else in the same boat ?


I still get some tempting emails from them, but heeding of the stories about their service and how they operate, have managed to avoid succumbing to temptation this far.

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Yes I understand they operate as brokers rather than stockists; they rely on third parties to fulfil deliveries to them. There was an undertaking by them, after the re-branding, that they would ensure stock availability otherwise would not show items as available lines, but it seems they have reverted to old habits. It’s not as if they are particularly cheap - often their “discounted / sale” items are still more expensive than elsewhere, but sometimes they offer a line which I wouldn’t find elsewhere in the UK.

My latest unfulfilled order was for half a case of Zorah Armenian Areni Noir. Which they still show as available on the website today.

Shocking non-service.


I saw in the Guardian last saturday that ASDA were selling Penfolds Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz for £10.50 . I was in Sainsburys today and i had a £15 voucher if i spent a £100 . I purchsed 4 bottles at £10.00 a bottles and if i had purchased 6 bottles i could have got 25% off. I have since seen it at a clubcard Price of £9 a bottle. We dont have a tesco near us.


Evening all,

What a coincidence. Just back from Asda in Farnborough. First time in an age. Not our usual supermarket of choice!

Some thoughts on potential offers.

There’s currently a buy 6 get 25% off promotion.

I bought the following. Mostly as cellar defenders.

4 * Rosemount Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2021 = £12 to £10 -25% = £7.50
4 * Rosemount McClaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 = £10 to £9 -25% = £6.75

These are not really defenders…

2 * Trimbach Riesling 2019 = £17.5 to £14.5 -25% = £10.88
2 * Berthelot Piot Grower Brut Champagne £26 -25% = £19.5

Have just ordered more of the Trimbach on line.

@winechief - Just seen your positive review on the Asda Rosemount’s. Used to buy the very buttery show reserve a lifetime ago!

Happy hunting.



Wirra Wirra Church Block at Asda works out at £7.64 a bottle at the moment, and Faustino I Gran Reserva at £12.75, on initial discount and the additional 25% off.

Managed to resist because I currently have enough Church Block to float a battleship.



Tempted by both.

Resistance is futile. Get a bigger battleship…



Jancis note on Church Block “Sweet start but a bit short and unsatisfying.” 15. Whereas the original blend that TWS sell, a Grenache shiraz blend, gets 16.5 and a nice note.
Having said that I tasted church block at Matthew Juke’s roadshow and it’s okay but dull. 80000 bottles apparently and it’s in most supermarkets.


This makes me think that the Church Block wine is now substantially different to the one TWS used to stock. I’ve got lots of 2019, which TWS did stock, but supermarkets are selling 2020

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I bought 3 a couple of years ago as a cellar defender for a family holiday.

Would agree with Jancis - sweet start, bit hot on the end. Nothing to write home about really.

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