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Anyone tried this? Aldi £9.95.


Wow, it’s £15 in my local Aldi and that’s the reduced price! Would love to know what you think if you open it soon.

Thinking of holding for a few years.

My step-brother notified me about this today and so I came along here wondering if it was any good. Seems like a genuine discount - not some kind of naked/virgin wines scam.

I bought a couple of these online along with a Chene Liege 2017 and a d’Arsac 2016.

It was a decent drop, even for the £14.99 I paid. Drinking OK now but no hurry, should evolve a bit further but I don’t think for 5 years plus.

In case you also see it, the d’Arsac is not ready, needs several more years. I paid £16,99 for that v TWS selling same year for c £27.

I really don’t see how you can go wrong for £9.99 for the Moulinet, I’d jump at that price. As ever, the only question would I guess be storage conditions.

Does anyone know anything about Rene Lamy Chassagne-Montrachet rouge? I picked up a couple of bottles of 2015/2016 for £7 each at a co-op.

Ardanza £20 at majestic in the mix six


Bought 3 from Aldi Holmfirth @£9.99 ea. Strange that it is a fiver more in some branches? anyway… will open a bottle tonight and post some comments.

Interesting that IWSC say it is 90% Merlot, AND 10% Caberinta (Aldi | Château Moulinet 2016 | Still Wine | IWSC) - although elsewhere it’s listed as 60% Merlot, 30% cab Franc, 10% cab sauv. The Chateau website itself lists it as 85 % Merlot, 15 % Cab Franc. Who knows?

Be interested to hear what you think. It’s not one of the top chateau by any stretch but then neither is it a fake Pomerol, I found it representative. I’ve still got one bottle left, probably will leave it for another year or so.

I am pretty sure it has some Cab Franc in it (I like that grape and seem to detect it even at low %) but I don’t think it’s got any Cab Sauv in it. There is another similar sounding wine, Moulinet Lassere and I think also a Grand Moulinet. I wonder if people mix them up.

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Here you go: Like you say, not a top chateau… but I thought it decent especially at the price.


Thanks, always interested to hear the opinions of others on wines I’ve bought or drunk.

Have a great evening.

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In addition, to Ardanza at 20. Tondonia at 27 and Guigal St Jo at 19.5. At Majestic Mix six prices.

I shopped local and got Ardanza 2015, Tondonia 2010 and Guigal 2019 vintages. Two possible vintages per wine shown on the website.




Notice they have Rhone Courac Laudun 2017 @ £9.99 too good alt to guigal


Got my ardanza and Tondonia waiting to collect. Please let it be 2010 tindonia :pray:
The Arana GR is 27 too but haven’t tried that

CVNE Imperial for £19 is also a good deal.

No Tondonia local for me sadly, and the Ardanza is still 2015. Offer in until April 10th so plenty of time to return to check again :rofl:

The “more details” section on the website states that the Ardanza is the 2016 vintage (the header of course states 2015/2016). Similar story with the Tondonia 2009/2010, clicking on more details states it’s the 2010. I’ve plumped for 6 of the Ardanza hoping it is indeed the 2016 (as already have a large case of the 2015 bought EP). I might drop Majestic a line to confirm…

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Call to my local Majestic yesterday confirmed selling the 2015 Ardanza. I haven’t seen 2016 anywhere as yet.

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It was in Colchester yesterday

My info and purchase was through a call to one of my local Majestics, so they checked what they had in stock in store and would be delivering.

I prefer that approach to going through the website when more than one vintage is mentioned.