Current Wine Offers (Anywhere)

I may have to wander the aisles of Sainsburys to secure a small stash of cooking champagne as they have some double bubble with their 25% off for six offer (Moët, Heidsieck, Mumm) which make them almost reasonable.

From previous experience, I wasn’t surprised on opening the box to find later vintages to those described on the website. TBH, already having bottles of those stated, I wasn’t unhappy that was the case. Albeit, for my tastes at least, the Donnhoff’s going to require patience !


Yes, tbf always knew would be a risk and not especially unhappy with what I have been sent either.
Wonder which of us will break first re the Donnhoff? :joy:

Having been found guilty on multiple counts of vinfanticide in the past, odds-on it’ll be me :wink:


Svinando have what appears to be a 3-for-2 offer on a number of mostly Italian wines.

It wasn’t altogether clear yesterday if the third bottle was one of their choosing or a third of the same, but they seem to have clarified today that it’s a third bottle of the same.

They’re an Italian supplier but have a UK operation too; I’ve used them several times now and all seems bona fide. Some very good prices sometimes in fact; not least the Donnafugata Anthilia @ £11.90. And an interesting selection for sure, with some less common wines.


Very interesting - especially (although not 3 for 2) several Valtellina Superiore - my favourite Italian wine. Free delivery for orders over £69 is enticing.

I’ve tried a dummy check-out and it looks like if you order 2 of the same (on the offer), a 3rd appears at checkout FOC. And they do not appear to be rubbish / fillers either… there’s some nice looking Amerone in the offer.

So much for my purchasing restraint. Thanks Crocus ! :slight_smile:

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If you check in regularly and/or get on their mailing list, they really do have some interesting and good offers & wines sometimes. Like you say, some rather - for this country - unusual wines sometimes too.

They usually have a lot from Sicilia for any other fans of that rather special place, though it tends to be the “Terre Siciliane” / “Sicilia DOC” end of things rather than specific contradas etc. Some great choices scattered about though. And many of the well-known producers [Donnafugata, Gulfi, Al-Cantara, Nicosia, Tasca d’Almerita, Firriato].

No affiliation at all, just to be clear; just great to be able to access less common Italian wines at good prices & cheap delivery.


And that’s me well & truly spent-up for the month ! 20 bottles at an average price of £12.78 ea, mainly down to the ‘3 for 2’ offer. No need to buy any other Italian wines for some time.

5 of which are Valtellina Superiore (from Chiavennasca grapes, a Nebbiolo sport) - something like an Alpine Barolo. Not easy to find in the UK.

Looking forward to the Alto Adige Schiava - a very light red, ditto the Dolcetto.

Plus some Soave, Fruili & Chianti classico.


Good stuff!

I did an order myself yesterday, but in the end stuck to a simple 6-pack of the Donnafugata Anthìlia. Such a lovely wine to my tastes, and one I keep going back to and back to and back to. I’m a sucker for a decent Catarratto / blend thereof.

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Good to know! I have a couple bottles in the rack - haven’t opened them yet, perhaps waiting for summer and a suitably summery Med fish dish to match.

I bought mine from the Society, and the single review is not that glowing - but I’m yet to be disappointed by this producer, so it’s really good to hear that this is a repeat purchase for you! :+1:


I’m not sure it’s everyone’s cup of tea / glass of vino, but if you like that sapido thing, that kind of soft textural slightly chalky quality, some spring sunshine florality, with a bit of fragrant pulpy white fruit, then it rocks. A very cheerful easy-going wine.

I think the WS price of £18 is probably stretching it a bit, but for the Svinando price of £11.50 it’s a bargain IMO.


Us British - we do like Italian food. Leastways… we like it once it has been anglicised., c/o Jamie et al.

Yet when it comes to Italian wine we seem hopelessly blinkered and only want to buy Chianti, Barolo, Valpolicella and everyones favourite: Prosecco. And TWS lists reflect this.

Such a shame when Italy has so much more to offer.


I agree on the whole, but would also say that TWS has encouraged me to go beyond the usual suspects to explore the likes of Alto Adige, Lugana and Molise (and Italian wine probably accounts for only 5% of my TWS purchases).

I’d also suggest that the sheer diversity (and also confusing categorisation) of Italian wines feels more intimidating for non-nerds than for French or Spanish equivalents. I’ve said before on here that I really struggle to understand the lie of the land in Italy in a way I do with the other two big European wine-producing countries. That makes it hard to know where to start, although it also means there’s an exciting world of wine still to discover!


Thanks for your thoughts, @crocos! I’m looking forward to giving it a go even more now! :grin::+1:

Those are some seriously thirsty angels :joy:

The capsule appeared to be intact :man_shrugging:


Is it a half bottle?


Not wrong there @lapin_rouge

Can you elaborate on the provenance of that Schiava ? (saves me the task of checking the website myself…! )

Well it wasn’t supposed to be. Pretty shocking they would put it on the shelves like that.

Here you go: No idea if it’s any good - will post some notes next week. £15.40

Ah interesting. Not been that far north - I only made it up to Bolzano and turned left !

Schiava’s funny stuff. Feeble, dusty, underwhelming most of the time but, sometimes, kapow, it can be quite elegant and divine. Bit like PN !

This is where it comes from Vernatsch / Mountainwines / Kellerei Eisacktal

Yes post a review when you get round to it.