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Just checked my La Rioja Alta case against the website and all of the wines are wrong. One (Alberdi) a later vintage, one a cheap albarino, the third a 2018 cheap crianza red. Looks like they are going back.

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Just delivered. I’m most intrigued by the Hartenberg Mourvedre and the port was too cheap to resist.


Oh, that’s not good! What is the Crianza? I can’t think of anything in LRA’s roster

That’s not good! Was is supposed to be the same case as this one?

Mine came yesterday, all cellophaned up. I nearly didn’t open it but I’m glad I did check now.


I got a 2019 Eileen Hardy Chardonnay rather than a 2018 Eileen Hardy Shiraz!

I’ve been umming & aaaaghing about that Hartenberg Mourvedre myself - enjoy a good Mourvedre, I do. Hard to find out much about it though.

I notice there are, or certainly were up to yesterday, actually a few different “Limited Edition” Hartberg wines; anyone got any experience with any of these, I wonder?

Yes, should have been. Different box lid.

Crianza was Finca San Martin

Thats definitely a ‘Rioja Alta case’ in the picture. You didn’t think they were talking about the contents?

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This is the one I ordered.

The one received had a different lid:

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Been holding off ordering anything from the HN offer but this seems to good a price to turn down
Not sure if it’s been up a while but only just seen it myself. Does anyone have any experience with itv this producer?

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No knowledge of this producer, but I thought it was a low-risk choice and bought a couple.


Yes, been there from the beginning

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Looks like they’re back in stock so if you call them first thing they’ll hopefully send out a replacement. You might even get to keep the incorrect case (if you want it, that is).

Curious. I got my LRA Premium Rioja and LRA Áster RdD exactly as advertised, both in terms of content and case design, and don’t recall seeing this in the offering at all but, at the right price might have been fun to add to the collection. Considering wall-mounting them as shelves in the “very much above ground” wine ‘cellar’.

I placed two orders, after dithering, one on Saturday and one Friday/Thursday evening. No sign of them yet and no dispatch email. I’m not surprised they’ve missed their three-day delivery target given what must have been quite the feeding frenzy - but still getting a little concerned. No ‘shortfall’ emails either though.

Went into harvey nichols manchester today. They still have produttori 2016 on the shelf.
They also had this surprising item.

It was in a different discount bin and was the only one. Looks like it has been battered around in cupboard for a long time. May well be ruined by upright atorage and shop lighting but at £11 I’ll take chance.


Ooof! Good find!


I think you’ll be fine. I had a chaotic (set of) deliveries too. Everything perfect in the end.

Their brand is not worth harming.

They even make returning your order very simple. Paid for postage stickers etc

It is a lot of (recyclable) packaging!


My full order was cancelled, I got nothing…

Sorry to hear that. What did you order?