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And the Waitrose pre-reduction price (£37) is only £1 more than TWS.

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Nowhere is the decline in Waitrose’s fine wine offering more evident than the Canary Wharf store. It has a temperature controlled wine room as well as at least a half aisle just for fine wine, yet they’ve both been well over half empty for over two years now. And what is there has barely changed at all in that time. It’s bizarre but does indeed look like they have completely given up on this segment of the market. A real shame, as the stock used to vary a lot and the 25% off week was something to look forward to.


Years ago it was a well stocked shop and a nice place to shop


Limited stocks of Bollinger Special Cuvee at £41.95 at FromVineyardsDirect Special Cuvée, Bollinger | FromVineyardsDirect.
They reckon £14 cheaper than Waitrose.

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Couple of Vilmarts to try as recommended on Grower Champagne from Waitrose this morning


Oh dear, I’ve shown a distinct lack of restraint in the Waitrose offer. Let’s see if it all arrives (and the vintages match).

@Joni-B73F0 they do have Prado Enea GR 2014 (£44.25 after the 25% discount, not sure how good a price that is, but ok I think?). Still in stock as I type.


Gone for these (for starters)

Prices before 25% off/7.5% cash back/JL Partnership credit card points


The Prado Enea is actually 2015. At least mine was.


The website and my order confirmation both say 14, but who knows what will arrive…? For the Prado Enea, a 2015 wouldn’t be a big deal to me, though there are one or two bottles on the order which will go back if the vintage is not as advertised.

Checkout seems to be out of order for me at the moment!

2015 would be good; I already have 2014

My Waitrose Cellar order has arrived (well, collected from my local branch).

The Prado Enea Gran Reserva was the 2014 as advertised. Out of 21 different wines ordered (I know, but in my defence, mostly single bottles), 4 were a different vintage to that displayed on the site and confirmed in my order.

Jean-Luc Colombo Terres Brulées Cornas: 2017 shown on site and order confirmation, 2019 delivered. This one is a different to the others as it shows as the 2019 in “my orders” and has since been changed to 2019 on the site.

Rustenberg Five Soldiers Chardonnay: 2020 on site and order confirmation, 2021 delivered.

Finca Ferrer 1310 Block A1 Pinot Noir, Argentina: 2018 on site and order confirmation, 2020 delivered.

Greystone Barrel Fermented Organic Sauvignon Blanc, Waipara: 2019 advertised and confirmed, 2020 delivered.

A bit disappointed about the Cornas and the Finca Ferrer PN, not because they are inferior vintages (though in the case of the Pinot, I don’t know, had read some decent reviews about the 2018), more because they are both going to need more time than anticipated before being ready to drink (a bit like the HN sale, getting the 2020 Pallieres Les Racines instead of the advertised 2016). However, will very likely keep them anyway, as the price is good.

Hoping no major difference between 2020 and 2021 Five Soldiers, will keep it in any event. The Greystone SB was an impulse purchase, Mrs Smith doesn’t like NZSB much, but she’s a bit warmer towards those that have seen a bit of oak. Will keep it.

The rest were as advertised, so pretty happy overall. My lack of self-control was compounded by buying 6 more bottles in the store when I collected the order…I see a requirement for some offsite storage in my near future, better start researching that.


The same here. In fact, every vintage wine received differed from the one stated on the website. The others being…

Norheimer Kirschheck Spatlese, Donnhoff ( 2021 received / 2019 described ).
Chianti Classico, Querciabella ( 2019 received / 2018 described ).

The NV Palo Cortado was as per though :laughing:


FWIW, my Musar 2016s have arrived as advertised and are my usual “no brainiers” in the Waitrose sales for many years now as I can’t see anyone else offering them at this level of discount (£26ish a bottle this time).


Thanks @Espen , completely forgotten i hadnt completed my order, a timely reminder! Musar and Ayala

Look like some keen prices, for example Contino Reserva 2017 is £16.99.


Morrisons and Sainsbury’s are doing their 25%/6, which takes Contino down to a similar price

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Oh, no, I’ve spent enough in Q1, I don’t want to clear the Morrisons Burgundy shelf as well… :person_facepalming:


Well, my local Morrisons doesn’t have any more Contino! Reduced to £22 a bottle! Didn’t need to see this post :rofl:

The Morrisons Best Rioja Gran Reserva is a great too, the local store may be missing these too now!

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Same ‘substitutes’ here also.

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