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Current Wine Offers (Anywhere)

Well, now that craft beers have ‘aroma wheels’ to describe their ‘complex flavours’, and bottles of cider are ‘oak matured’, with ‘zesty finish’ from a ‘single year’s harvest’- anything is possible… :grin:

In theory there’s a LOT of terroir in whisk(e)y - depending upon the source of the water, malt, peat. And then you get the terroir from the climate & location its aged in.

However there are myriad other influences which are not ‘terroir’ related (commercial pressures, distillery design, fermentation times, cask type & age, distillation times, still shapes, filtering, caramel addition etc. etc.)

After a distillery has been running for decades or centuries, who knows !

Of course marketing is the biggest factor: witness Highland Park, who would have you believe their whisky is Viking influenced, yet they have only been running for 200+ years.

As for Waterford being eyewateringly expensive… that’s only if you (literally) buy into the hype. For my money, Redbreast 12 y/o cask strength is the one to get.


2nd the Redbreast bought my young son a bottle he said best he’d ever had

Saw someone mention this somewhere else I had one last week it was fantastic


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That’s the cellar defender I mentioned on another thread. One of my favourite everyday wines, especially with a couple of years to meld together.

Very good for a tenner, crazy quality for £6.

The Sauvignon Blanc of the same range is also meant to be very good (if you like SB).

Yes sorry to copy…twas fantastic and deserves alot of praise

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Majestic have a Black Friday deal on their fine wines, 25% off. Best to be careful on prices as the pre discount price is adventurous.
I picked up some Ardanza and Beronia GR, some brunello Ugolforte 16. Theirs lots to choice from.

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I was in store on Wednesday picking up my online order of Ardanzas. I deliberately avoided looking at the ‘fine wine wall’ but did spot that the excellent 2017 Meerlust Rubicon was on sale for £22.50 (and if you’ve got an Amex card and order online through topcashback you can probably get another 25% or so off that).

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Just had a look at the Majestic site. I’m sure there are bargains to be had somewhere in there but having checked 7 or 8 clarets, the discounted prices are no better and sometimes quite a lot worse than what is available at Farrs, BBX and other places.


Lidl winter wine tour in shops from Thursday 24th.

The Winter Wine Tour from Thursday, 24.11. at Lidl UK - www.lidl.co.uk

Similar to last years, with nearly 3 times as many reds as whites.

The Greco di Tuffo is excellent. I confess to not having got much beyond, the “I really like this one, why hasn’t it got lots more points” but 85 points for the Barbera d’Asti seemed a bit rough.

It is almost a truism to note that port is criminally overlooked and underpriced but £8.99 for the Tawny port is a steal.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that the Vidal Ice Wine is back at £13.99.


Until February when it will be discounted to £7 because they can’t sell it at that price :joy:.


I have heard tell of these massive Lidl write downs, but sadly never scored. They had a £19.99 barolo once and I thought they would never punt that out to the local clientele. Took a long time for it to disappear, but it did.

I wonder if in some stores they collect them, keep them for a few months and try again, or reallocate them to stores where they sell. We do get wines turning up on the Tour shelves which aren’t part of the tour sometimes. When they had the Alsace gewurtztraminer I pretty much cleaned out 8 stores and no massive mega deals on anything to behold, just a rubbish couple of quid. Minimum pricing might have mitigated against me though. Hope springs eternal and further research is required!

25% off six bottles, Tesco until 28 Nov, Morrisons until 04 Dec.
I’m running out of storage space even at our consumption rates, these offers are coming so fast.

One that caught my eye on the web this time is Contino Reserva, £22 at Morrisons less 25%/6. Does anyone know the vintage on offer or have any views as to value please?

I believe it is 2017 in my local store. So a decent vintage albeit maybe not so good as 2016. With 25% off, that strikes me as decent value, almost certainly better than you’ll find elsewhere, but if you are patient, wait till after Xmas, you might get an even better deal. My store had the Imperial Reserva 2017 before the Contino arrived on the shelf, also at £22, even though I’d regard the latter as a slightly superior wine. However they then seemingly wanted to clear stock with a half price £11 a bottle offer which as you can imagine, caused me to hoover the shelf. Maybe they do the same with the Contino?


Very interesting, thank you very much for your information and thoughts.

Absolutely crazy price, Lidl are selling a South African SB for £2.99 a bottle. Even crazier is that the stuffs not bad at all. We dont drink much white but bought a bottle of this for a recipy which required half a bottle of white. Finished off the second half and were mightily impressed.
Case into reserves.:rofl::heart_eyes::rofl::sweat_smile:


This is good value at c. £20 a bottle, but at £11.25 it’s a real bargain. Only til Sunday though.


I did…selectively, for Spanish clearly…there are a few wines in common with TWS list. Some are a good bit cheaper, some more expensive. However, they also have such a range that there are wines you can pick up there that are hard to find in the UK.

I find that the Galician and Catalonian wines tend to be where they are most competitive price wise which isn’t surprising. E.g. this is £17.50 at TWS and I got it for £15.55 at Decantalo (admittedly with a small discount for buying a case of 6, but only about 4%). It’s a cracking wine too. Vina Arana Rioja is £4 cheaper at Decantalo at present.
However, in the interests of being fair, Maruxa Godello is the same price, and I’ve found a few where TWS is a pound or two cheaper.
It doesn’t usually make sense purely on price unless they are doing a deal on shipping costs, you buy a lot of something that’s well priced or you find something good and interesting that is hard to find in UK.
I ordered back in late October, then realised the expected delivery date was while we were away on holiday. Emailed them and they put it back a week no bother…it was then delayed another few days due to Brexit (of course!), though they told me that too, and it arrived bang on time on the right day.


Won’t be in Scotland unless it’s about 4% alcohol :grinning:


Marlo have got some good deals on at the moment; not least the 2017 Telmo Rodríguez Gaba Do Xil Mencía [£9!]

If this were one of his Godellos, I’d have bought the lot, though the Mencia is pretty darned good too.