Current Wine Offers (Anywhere)

Julienne CNdP reserve 2010 for about £37 at L&W currently.

Tesco 25% off 6 or more bottles, which may be mixed, 26 May to 06 June 2022.

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Buy 3 Morrisons the best Wine, save 25%. Order by 05/06/2022, offer subject to availability. Maximum 20 promotional items per customer.

This is currently 12.99 in my local Aldi, big discount for a rather good wineâteauneuf-du-pape-blanc/p/714473556485200


The 2019 of this wine was very enjoyable…! Might have to send the OH on yet another Aldi mission (he’s only just been today to get the Assyrtiko… :grimacing:)

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Which one? I went again on Sat to try and get the Lebanese one an the Greek chard but no luck.

They used to have some wooden bucket things in the middle for the £10+ reds and whites, but seem to have given up on the whites and all but one of the reds.

I think this is online only (like the Pinot)

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Are these actually any good? I ask not out of scepticism at all, but because I’ve got a few of them squirreled away at the back of the wine fridge, assuming they’ll enjoy some bottle-time before they meet their fate. 2019s I think they are. I couldn’t resist giving them a punt when I found them at that same kind of price a while back near us [they’re £20 online].

I’ve had the Amarone which is not a bad example, especially at the 25% off price.

I thought it was excellent, although I don’t drink much white. For £13 it’s great value for money and I’ve stocked up with a few more bottles to drink this summer. Decanter also rate it very highly for what it’s worth


We really enjoyed the 2019 - not the most complex, but might be a bit more interesting with a couple years more of age, if you’ve stashed them away. We paid £14.99 back in Nov 2020, but not sure if it was after a reduction, or the actual price… Very good value for £13, as @Winestwit says, but wouldn’t pay the £19.99 normal price.


The Greek Chardonnay is an online exclusive.

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Asquith Gardens Traditional English Sparkling Wine

If anyone is feeling patriotic this week. £7.50 on the deal.

And to just show I’m not biased…

Also £7.50 on the deal (with club card)



It uses the words Traditional and English Sparkling Wine but I have great trouble believing a Traditional Method made English Sparkling Wine can be sold at £9.99 let alone £7.50


I guess the only other factor is that retailers can choose to promote and retail at whatever is their choosing. In this case, it is a short term promotion for the jubilee.


Wow !! £7.50??? That’s so cheap ! :star_struck:

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Yup, I think I might be in for a few Church Block, that is a silly price for a pretty decent wine.


I think it’s sold out now :frowning:

You galvanised me into action! Just put in an online order. Seems to be still available but that might be different on the day. Couldn’t miss out on this, actually I seem to be paying slightly under £7.50 which given even TWS could only sell for just under £11, is a true bargain.

Thanks to winechief for spotting it. I don’t really bother keeping an eye out on Tesco because the vast majority of their wine is dross.

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This is what I get: