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Current Wine Offers (Anywhere)

Back from Lidl where I bought their Julienas on impulse (there was no grading or comment attached) because it was reduced to £5.99. Delighted to find it’s been very well reviewed by, among others, Decanter & Tom Cannavan


I’ve had that before (maybe a previous vintage), thought it was very tasty and excellent value


Same here! The 2017 was really good for the price, with good typicity. I also bought the 2018 and look forward to sampling it at some point.


Bollinger NV with 1/3 off at Morrisons at the moment. A few dropped into weekly shop this evening.


Even though their own label won this years “Which?” tasting, and is presumably flying off the shelves?


I haven’t seen that as I’m not a subscriber, is there anyway to see the reviews without subscription?

Try just googling the wine + review.

https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/nov/21/supermarkets-own-brand-champagne-beats-french-houses-in-which-test is where I got the info from. Doesn’t given the full list but there’s enough in there to give you an idea of what’s good and what’s not.

The order as far as I can gleen from the article is 1) Morrisons 2) Waitrose 3) Moet/Sainsbury’s 4) M&S 5) Lidl after which it gets a bit hazy, but doesn’t like Verve Cliquot, Lanson or Aldi’s offering.

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Thanks @strawpig, will pick one up to try.

Veuve vintage 2012 currently £30 each as part of a mixed six currently.



This morning, Amazon have Bollinger Special Cuvee at £30 for single bottles, you don’t have to multi buy to get the price.

Edit: just clocked that that Sainsbury’s Veuve deal now has them selling the vintage for less than the yellow label NV. Madness.


Decent offers on at Majestic for those interested.

The famous Guigal Côte du Rhône 2016 available at 8.99, as is a arrange of Guigal’s wines.

Picked up the Chocolate Block for just under £19 and a Beronia Gran Reserva for £15.


VC vintage: out of stock :frowning:

I think I already know the answer but was there any tastings at majestic when you went? Wouldn’t mind a couple of bottles of fizz they currently have on offer

To be honest I didn’t notice, looked like the store in Loughton was rammed with deliveries for the offer and I didn’t even look at the tasting table sorry

No. No longer true!

Has anyone tried the vintage Veuve? I haven’t and am tempted but I’m torn between a case of that and the WS grower champagne case.

Not many tasting notes on the 2012 available online too.

The 2012 is good now but will go on for quite a few years, similar to the 2008 but maybe a bit fuller (which would be my only slight caveat for ageing this). Still tight though which is a plus. It depends what you like. I find a lot of grower champagne rather too outré for my taste, but some love them. Vintage Veuve, despite a few wobbles here and there is underrated and underpriced, especially when on offer. My opinion only and I too would be glad of a back up opinion on the 2012.


I picked up a few bottles but anticipate keeping most for a few years. Maybe have one at Christmas.

Agree with you about grower champagne, though I suppose there are as many grower styles as there are growers…


I think at £30 a bottle when you buy 6 it’s pretty hard to resist. Just seems like it flies well under the radar as @Prufrock points out.