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Critter wines... what’s your favourite?


I’ve enjoyed the little quizzes we’ve had recently so, to get your grey cells going, I thought of putting a few fauna labels associated with good wine and see if you recognise them. I’ll post the answers later.
The first label though may just be what created the issue.

This place is highly recommended to linger at over lunch.
Make a yummy Riesling

May have 2 names, certainly does a good Chardonnay.

Another great Chardonnay from the ultimate critter - the human.
There is a link between these and someone from our community may be headed that way. I was there 18 years ago and enjoyed all of these.
What’s your favourite critter wine?

Lidl whilst stocks last bargain
Weekend Drinking Thread [27 April 2018]

Good game! :+1: will work through it once the badminton aches subsided…!
I really like the Passerina label from Tesco’s Finest range. I believe the grape itself might be called Passerina, as does the bird that likes to eat the grapes (sounds a bit like a made up nice story). The wine itself didn’t move me much, but was pleasant enough:


I enjoyed The Hedonist Shiraz from Waitrose. It also came recommended by Janice Robinson.



A couple I have enjoyed include


Hang out the bunting…


Ok, so answers are
Capel Vale
Devils Lair or Fifth Leg
All Margaret River, West Australia wines


I also like the La Spinetta Barbaresco label:

… though must confess - never tried the wine :blush:

The importance of bottle sizes, and why?

I had this one (Gallina) and a red labelled one (Bordini). Best Barbarescos I had.


I almost bought this yesterday solely on the basis of it having a wombat on the front :flushed:


This is a fun idea! :smiley: I love the little beetle on Dme des Escaravaille’s label (escaravailles is the Occitan name for scarab beetles!)


I’d have to have that just to be able to offer “some Poncey wine” :wink:


I feel a Beyoncé song coming on …:smiley:, haven’t tried this yet but purchased purely for the label :thinking:.


:thinking: definitely not a wombat unless it was on holiday as I am pretty sure they are Aussie natives.


Indeed you’re right! Looks like a Capybara- which is the largest rodent in the world, and is native to South America. Cute huge thing that it is… :blush:


ooh! Good point. All those who have achieved the ‘Certified’ badge will already know this particular rodent. I wonder whether we could use an image of this wine instead for the future?

If you don’t know what I’m referring to … check out the How to become a community ninja thread




Good point! I linked to the wrong wine, that one has a capybara on it. I spotted it in store but was more interested in the wombat chard :joy:



I’m being pedantic here, :slight_smile: but not all wines with animals on their labels are ‘critter wines’. That category was to disparage mass-made wines sold on the strength of a cute animal label - e.g. Yellow Tail.

Survivor is anything but - as Platter’s 4.5 stars show. It’s from the prime Swartland appellation. Platter 2016 says: Standout in ambitious new range from Swartland fruit, 15 has appealing floral nose with tangy sweet-sour apricot exploding on palate, creamyness balanced by sherbity acid, pinch of tumeric to finish.



Yes @peterm, I am aware what ACTUAL “critter wines” refer to, but in the interest of this particular thread… as you can see from what @DrEm has said , I was posting a fauna(… well technically a cow :joy:) type animal to reflect a good wine as such.
Glad to hear its gunna be a good one.:+1:


Of course @leah but although I was apparently replying to you I was talking to the wider audience :rofl:

(thats my story and I’m sticking to it :slightly_smiling_face: )