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Cricket Tours 2018


A bit tardy starting off this thread, but better late than never.
Really enjoyed the ODI’s so far.
I would normally argue against a one way street contest, BUT given many years of being on the rough end of it, this is retribution time!! lol
4-0 up and Sunday will be a big match for the Aussies to save a modicum of face.
Their last chance will be a 20/20 match next Wednesday, before returning to warmer climes.
It would be great to have a proper contest on Sunday, one that goes to the wire.
But then a full Summer itinerary against India which should be good fun.
And for those who might be slightly bemused quite how or why a Taffy should be supporting England, might I remind you that the ECB is in fact the England AND WALES Cricket Board. LOL!!
And a Welshman did captain England in the not too distant past, going on to be President of the MCC.


It would be hard not to enjoy Tuesday’s game as an England fan!!

I’m much more interested in test cricket but with a good ODI side and a thrashing of the Aussies I’m more than happy to watch them in their PJs!


Sunday will be a difficult day, sporting wise.
England playing Aussie - Cricket
England playing Panama - Footie
French F1GP.
Talk about cups Runnerithing (not a proper word!) OVER! LOL!
A potential embarrassment of Riches.


Yep, and I’ll be missing it all with a poorly timed lunch booking!!


A news embargo and a plethora of recordings might be the way to go.
Bon chance!


Aussies are in for a difficult next couple of years but hopefully we can unearth a bit of young talent to get us back on top


Sport goes in cycles, so the Aussies will inevitably and invariably have their day again.
We have sent teams to Australia and seen them consumately dismantled 5-0.
I prefer to have a competition that ends 2-3 or 3-2.
I look forward to series’ in a few years that are a more even contest, that will be more exciting.
But for Sunday, if the 4 previous matches are an indicator will probably be a victory, the weather forecast is predicted to be 20+ deg C and no rain.
Mind you, sport being sport, I would not wager more than a £1 on the outcome.
That is the utter delight and unpredictability of a contest!?!


That’s what made the 05 series so special. Such a great contest.

Some of the stats around the England rebuild since 2015 CWC are quite astounding. England have certainly learnt to play this format and must be favourites for next years edition.

The India test series could be a great contest. I find Kohli abrasive but at the same time such a beautiful batsmen to watch.


2 best series in my lifetime that I’ve had the pleasure of watching are the 1995 Aus vs WI where we finally beat the Windies and the '05 Ashes. Although the Aussies lost, it was full of unpredictable and addictive drama.
PS notice how I said ‘we won’ but ‘the Aussies lost’ :grin:


I wasn’t allowed to stay up and watch that 95 series so I snuck out of bed, crawled into the garage and watched it on a mini hand held battery tv. I fell asleep in there and my parents ended up calling the cops because they thought I had either run away or slept walked out as they couldn’t find me anywhere.


Sunday’s ODI is at Old Trafford and Lancs have made a big thing of erecting a giant screen behind one of the stands to show the football. It will be interesting to see just how many seats are unoccupied at that point - it might remind the players of County Championship games when they play in depressingly empty grounds!


John Peel under the covers was my limit.
(on the radio obvs. :slight_smile: )


As a fast bowler in my youth I am slightly uncomfortable in seeing such high one day scores - it has become too easy for the batsman. I fully understand that fans want to see fours and sixes but not only do we need to see a competitive game between two sides but also a good competition between the batsman and bowler - my sympathies lie with the bowlers at the moment…just my thoughts


This from an Aussie? And after the SAF tour :)?


There has been a bit of a missed opportunity here to get Scotland, Ireland and perhaps the Netherlands more involved with the ODI and 20/20s.

Scotland would clearly beat Australia out of sight though given the result a couple of weeks ago :wink:

With India, Pakistan taking part, and large ethnic communities around the UK it would surely not have been too difficult to get a wider and more inclusive series involving 6 teams?


well that

well that took some of the shine off !


I found today’s ODI at Old Trafford comfortably the best of the five because it was a much more even contest between bat and ball, with a quicker bouncier pitch which spun a little too. Also got some reverse due to the abrasiveness and no sandpaper needed either!

I actually sat and watched it for a while, unlike some of the others which were quite tedious to be honest. Prefer Test cricket myself though. Or club cricket!


Agar’s leave was probably the ‘best’ shot I’ve seen in some years!!


Rain at Lords - would you Adam & Eve it!!
And with this fabulous summer.


I bet the England team are equally frustrated, and would much rather be building on the momentum from last week’s win. That was about as thrilling a test match as I can remember since the glorious summer of 2005. Epic stuff.