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Cricket Summer 2020

And today, at 18:00 the 3rd Twenty/20 at the Ageas Bowl starts.
International Cricket every 3 or 4 days is way past what we might have hoped for.
I really cannot see the Aussies rolling over, and capitulating a 3-0 whitewash!!
It would be good, with Stokes and Buttler, 2 of our stars missing; if they could pull off a 3rd win but that will be problematical.
Good luck to them and the weather forecast looks very encouraging. :+1: :dragon:

A different line-up for tonight, with Stokes, Buttler and Morgan missing.
Moeen as captain is a terrific idea, he IS a very good county captain and if it works; that gives him confidence and us a decent alternative. With this series already won, there is little more than national pride at stake! :+1: :grinning: :dragon:

We came second and deserved to. :astonished:
Our fielding and catching was absolutely dire. :cry:
Now the ODI’s, if we win that series then I imagine that there will be few complaints. :+1: :dragon:

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Oh joy, an ODI today, Sunday and Wednesday. :grinning: :dragon:


You cannot win them all! :open_mouth:
If they win tomorrow, Tuesday should be fun.
But no matter, they have done well in these 3 Countries Series. :+1: :dragon:

0 - 2, disaster!! :cry:
Bairstow, who’d have thunk it!! :+1: :dragon:

Well played YJB :clap::clap:press on for a daddy hundred.

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Me and my BIG mouth!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :anger: :dragon:

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And I wrote that Bin#6 was almost certainly not for me.
3 bottles ordered plus two Cuilleron Candives and one Signe.
An afternoon of getting it ALL wrong.
Just as well, Captain Fantastic is getting all the decisions correct - 56 for 4!! :clap: :+1: :dragon:

Ah well, not to be but a no ball and a dropped catch were probably the turning points!! :cry:
I enjoyed all of the matches and a big :+1: to the visiting teams. :grinning: :dragon:


And off we go with the IPL 2020. :grinning: :dragon: