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Cricket Summer 2020

Off we go trying to save this Summers series.
And once again, the weather is not playing ball! :open_mouth:
And waking up this morning to find Jofra Archer decided to pop home to Brighton between the tests, leaves this Taffy - not only speechless but incandescent! :anger:
Detractors will use this instance for ammunition, that he is not a team player.
He is reckless with regard to his team mates health.
He is undisciplined, selfish etc,
He is a role model to countless underprivileged kids, and he has abandoned them for his own selfish ends.
I bought into Jofra’s story, he is very, VERY fast and he chooses to play for us. FAB!!
And then this.
There should be no sorry, or accepted apology.
Ban him for the entire Summer.
Make an example of him.
I would say precisely the same if Ben Stokes or Root had done the same.
There is no place for Jofra Archer when he potentially puts the health and careers of the England (& Wales :open_mouth:) team at risk.
Five days ban is an absolute joke!!
Many of us were angry that there were no repercussions for Mr Cummings.
This is the sporting equivalent, Jofra has been let off the hook by the ECB, just like Boris did for his mate. The penalty should have been eyewateringly draconian, sending the clearest message that transgressions will not be tolerated. :dragon:


Are you a founder member of the Hanging and Flogging Society of Wales @Taffy-on-Tour :wink:?

FWIW, I haven’t read the detail, but I agree that the suspension looks too short though if it’s all true.

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It’s very easy to be “judge and jury” in such cases. In the case of Cummings as such a big part of government decision making etc he should have resigned or been sacked. As for Archer he knew what he was doing, having come from the secure bubble, so deserves the penalty he gets. Why oh why do these people think they can go by different rules to us mere plebs? FWIW I think he has got off lightly.

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It’s all Establishment old boy! :face_with_monocle:



The very reverse!
I believe in people and second chances.
Jofra is in a select group, where like it or not - he is idolised by kids in areas of under privilege who will feel that their hero has let them down.
Watching the TV broadcast this lunchtime, I learned that this summer’s test series is worth £180 Million to the ECB. Many are reactionary, crusty old foggies, and for past transgressions I will never forgive them BUT it is they who distribute these funds to Counties, Clubs and Schools who are the bedrock and heart of the game we love.
Jofra, by his recklessness; put all of that at risk.
Worst case scenario, he could have infected many members of the team.
Ok, some might have not even noticed infection.
Some, a mild case.
Possibly one or two with permanent lung damage.
A pregnant wife infected.
Parents &/or grandparents infected.
All because someone CHOSE to unilaterally ignore the RULES.
Actions, so often have unintended consequences.
It is very possible that Jofra got lucky and there was no infection passed on.
But in my opinion; and for many who know me personally I do preach forgiveness in my private life and do lots of charitable work, in Jofra’s case - I am more than “happy” to don the proverbial black cap of admonishment!! :open_mouth: :dragon:

Sadly today’s sportsmen are not made of the same stuff as those of yesteryear. Too much money not enough pride. Cricket has diluted itself to death I’m afraid, reduced to one-day rounders and 20/20 tipp’it and run rubbish. Hard to see the proper game surviving.

I agree regarding the hit and giggle stuff. However, I don’t agree re Test cricket. For some of me and my friends it’s the only version we will go and watch. However, there is a younger generation who need instant gratification at times…see my comments on the Brexit thread.

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I am a Gloucestershire CCC life member but I do like the 20/20 stuff but far prefer the 4 day game. @AnaGramWords I wholeheartedly agree too much money far too early in life.

The real world of 2020 sports contracts.


I rest my case :grinning:

And I say, if you want the very best players in whatever the sport, you must pay what the market will bear.
And players careers can be very short, so makin’ hay makes sense to me.
Gone are the days of the £20 per week footballer, who then ended up with brain damage from continually heading a wet and heavy leather football.
In today’s rugby, the collisions are causing injury on an unprecedented scale.
And in the NFL, careers on average are 3.3 years long.
For every Jimmy Anderson in cricket, there are hundreds who fell by the wayside.
You just couldn’t have a Fred Truman these days, the schedules are intense and protracted, no human body could put up with that level of punishment for 25 years.
And TV companies have a modern model that enables these salaries to be paid.
So lets allow the competitors to be paid whist they are at the top level, theirs will be a very long retirement with all sorts of legacy injuries or medical conditions to live with. :dragon:


Once upon a time the top sportsmen had an education to fall back on after the limelight had finished instead of expecting another career talking crap as a pundit in the media.

And those days are long gone!
The likes of Dr Jamie Roberts with his medical degree.
Dina Asher-Smith with a degree in History from Kings College London

These are the exceptions today.
The brightest footballers have little time to study to a high level.
Marcus Rashford at 22 or Mason Greenwood at 18 would not be in the Man Utd 1st team and International players if they were studying for a degree.
They are making their name and fortune today.

And hopefully 2 days of action now, with a good weather forecast. :pray:
If we cannot win this Test, the West Indies retain the Wisden Trophy!! :open_mouth:
Here’s hoping for a great performance. :+1: :dragon:

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And a terrific if somewhat unexpected result. :clap:
Jofra back in the squad, with Ben Stokes maybe not being able to bowl, it is “all hands on deck!!”
The weather forecast does not look encouraging, and I cannot see Jason Holder doing us any favours - who would blame him? They have the Trophy, why should they risk it?? :cry:
But it is Manchester, so who knows?? :pray: :dragon:

Rain forecast on Saturday & Monday!! :anger: :cry:
The Wisden Cup stays at Lords, the Richards - Botham Trophy heads off to sunnier climes!! :dragon:

And so a brilliant 3rd Test with Broad taking 500 Test wickets and a 10 fer here, and a victory!
And thanks to the West Indies for making the effort to come over here during the Pandemic, they didn’t have to and we got 3 great matches. Stuart Broad proved that he is well worth his place in the side as is Anderson and Woakes. :clap: :clap: :+1: :dragon:
Roll on Pakistan (& Ireland :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :wink:)


Indeed full credit to the West Indies. I’m glad they won a test but Pakistan will be a harder proposition. My money is on Broad finishing with more wickets than Anderson.

Just wondering if Anderson is running out of puff…had good first innings but…
Anyway congrats to Broady they have put in the hard yards for England and well done to both of them.

We need a miracle with around 150 to go!
Pakistan are no mugs and they are proving that at Old Trafford.
Plenty of time left, weather will not save us, Buttler has a chance of redemption!
Who says Test Cricket is boring!??!