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Cricket 2021

If I am England batting coach and top order batsmen keep getting out to similar false shots, then I will take them on one side and have a blunt conversation. If I have to question their intelligence in very frank terms then so be it.

I give up!!
Say what you will. :dragon:

Afraid Bracey really doesn’t look up to keeping in Test cricket.
His batting has had a very poor start, but that could improve. I doubt, though, that he’ll get the opportunity, with Buttler, Bairstow and Foakes becoming available soon.

Bear in mind that Bracey has only kept regularly for Glos this season, so his keeping is unlikely to be top drawer and if Foakes hadn’t injured himself he was most likely to have been picked as a top order batsman. IMO both will improve given time which I doubt the selectors will give him once those rested return later this summer.

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Our selection policy has, particularly in the past caused me despair!!
I observe more enlightened nations who give young players a chance.
One Sachin Tendulkar was just 16 years old, I think that he did rather well!!
Knee jerk and an inability to be patient are attributes that have been pre-requisites to join the cadre of selectors. Getting better these days, but not helped by Sports Journalists seeking headlines. :dragon:

And so it goes.
Any predictions for close of play score?
Just a bit of fun.
England 85 for 5, 0 for 1 was not a great start!! :dragon:
Looking at the weather forecast, GULP!! :rofl:

Listening to the crowd football is coming home. Cricket certainly isn’t. :rofl: :rofl:

All looking a tad dire. 58 - 4.
And another one. 58 - 5.
1.6 hrs and 2 days remaining to play.
The games up, methinks.
The upside is that we have better players in the wings. :pray: :dragon:

Looking very optimistic right now

I took NZ at 5/4 before start of play. Just £3, but it all mounts up. :dragon:

There is I believe something seriously wrong with England’s batting and it has been an issue ever since Strauss took over as director of English cricket and immediately sacked Pietersen. An act of retributional spite.
You just have to look at the board members and exec members of the ECB to see the motley crew of grey suited time servers who claim to be passionate about the game but in fact know nothing. It is endemic in English sports administration to appoint yes men accountants and lawyers who are clueless about creating a winning mentality.
Whatever we think about Boycott the reality is we need batsmen of his mental strength and application in the top order.
The ECB seem to be more concerned about investigating historic puerile nonsense than tackling long term batting coaching at test level. And of course making sure that the short term money spinning t20 takes priority.

Can you please expand on what you mean by “investigating historic puerile nonsense?” :dragon:

Yes, 10 year old tweets doubtless sold to a newspaper.
Having seen them they were silly, they had been in the public domain then deleted. No employer can start discipling someone 10 years after the event.

You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until “The Hundred” gets going.

It’s not just mental strength we require, it’s also ability which seems to be lacking.

Oh joy…perhaps we could be adventurous and promote the county championship as the real deal.


Edgbaston was of course a COVID test event. Saturday had terrible (English) cricket but was an absolutely wonderful day out after all this time!