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Cricket 2021

So, this Summer (assuming Covid will not be a serious impediment) is going to be a busy one.
New Zealand (2 Tests)
Sri Lanka (3 T20, 3 ODI’s)
Pakistan (3 ODI’s, 3 T20)
India (5 Tests)
Pakistan (a) (2 T20)
Australia (a) (5 Tests into Jan 2022)
The Hundred
The rest of the IPL (UAE Sept/Oct?)
2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup (India Oct/Nov)

And it all starts at Lords at 11.00 am on Wednesday 2nd June.
England v New Zealand ( 1st of 2 match Test series)
And daily highlights of each days play of every Test, ODI or T20 on BBC2 19:00 - 20:00. :grinning: :dragon:

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How many crocks have England at present, Stokes, Foakes, Archer so far

With the set Home Schedule, it borders on the inconceivable that any player will participate in all matches. The teams will have to manage the players health sensitively otherwise they will be missing from the years highlights, ergo the T20 World Cup and the Ashes.
We would wish to see Stokes and Archer fully fit for them, so bullets must be bitten!! :dragon:

I still think it’s mean that New Zealand only get two tests. I always enjoy the games.


It’s India that brings in the £££, so they get the full series. As you say, a shame not to see more of the Kiwis.

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Lords, a decent enough weather forecast and the Kiwi’s batting.
Days like today are like “hens teeth” and given the last 18 months should be treasured.
If only Patrick Mahomes played the game. :+1: :dragon:

No spinner apart from t’captain. All seamers and all RH. Hmm. Draw then being optimistic.
Which is not to say TMS on the radio and Beeb2 highlights are in any way unwelcome :slight_smile:

Wood bowling consistently at 93-4 mph.
Let’s hope he can stay fit for a couple of matches.

Beginning to think that England are already thinking in terms of playing for a draw. They’ll be lucky to get 85 overs bowled today, even with the extra half hour.

The weather looks ok(ish) for the 5 days, we look lacklustre and I think the Kiwi’s might pull off a surprise. :cry: :dragon:

It might help if we bowled a few balls at the stumps.


Good weather forecast. :+1:
And our openers seem to have dug in, a hard slog in front of us.
I did enjoy the tie last evening with Notts and Worcestershire battling it out!
Now, that was exciting!! :clap: :dragon:

So much for the hope…sadly quickly returned to the familiar batting collapse

I have lost count of the times Root has been wheeled out for a press conference that contains the comment " we will go away and learn from today’s poor batting."
Same mistakes made time after time. Wafting outside off stump or over ambitious shot early on.
Either these batsmen are thick or technically not up to test cricket.
Or both.
Test batting is about mental discipline. Technique at this level should be taken for granted.
What is the batting coach doing? Thorpe was a top player. What is he teaching all these batsmen?
Burns is by no means a top opener yet he stuck at it.

I understand all that you say.
I have said it.
But is seems not to be as easy, as we think.
If it was, there would not be a shortage of top openers.
And it is all about pressure.
Some can handle it.
The vast majority cannot in varying degrees of failure.
And no, I do not want to see another Boycott, let alone 2 Boycotts at the top of our team sheet!! :open_mouth: :wink: :dragon:

I couldn’t agree more…a well tried and trusted technique should be in place long before anyone gets anywhere near the international stage. It’s the hope that gets you :grinning:

I’m going with thick. And probably think they are a bit better than they actually are.


I think (sorry!) that to describe someone as “thick” is ill-mannered.
If that person was within a few feet of you, would you use that descriptor to their face.
I certainly wouldn’t.
Nor would I use it in a setting where they couldn’t defend the assertion.
I look at the career of Mark Ramprakash.
His 1st class career statistics are stellar.
But he didn’t make it in the Test arena.
But then I take the time to educate myself on the reasons.
Mark Ramprakash is not thick, he wasn’t as well supported as he might have been.
There can be a plethora of reasons why someone does not achieve their potential.
And IMHO, it is not because they are thick. :dragon:
Read this: (if you dare)

He is the player I always reference when talking about sheer brilliance that somehow and inexplicably just did not translate in the Test arena. And his fielding…just wow

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Please READ the article!! :dragon: