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Creme egg conundrum



Creme eggs are quite small, are they not. I mean, 40g isn’t very much for someone of my capacity for eating garbage in front of the telly of an evening. But if I try eating more than one creme egg in a sitting, I get an overwhelming sense of bleagh.

And yet, I can easily guzzle more than double the amount of straight-up chocolate without stopping for breath.

I’m 41 and I’ve only just realised the problem - and here’s the wine connection - it’s about balance. The ratio of sugar to fat is all wrong in a creme egg. It’s like a dessert wine that has no acidity, or a red that’s all snarling tannins and no fruit. Or vice versa.

Does anyone else feel the same way? What’s the solution? I mean, egg-wise I’ve been pretty homeless since the demise of the Galaxy Truffle Egg, and there’s another couple of weeks of this metabolic car crash to go. Should I start coating it in butter? Dipping it in ground nuts?



The caramel egg is clearly the superior egg


Is there such a thing ad a Toblerone Easter egg?


Thumbs up from my other half for the caramel egg - and being in an office full of self-confessed chocaholic girls - he’s certainly done his research.

I find all of them revolting, personally. Are there any boozy ones, I wonder? That might just sway me… :thinking:


Try putting the Creme Egg in the freezer for 30-40 minutes, then give it 10-15 seconds in the microwave (foil off first).

The result is a cool outer egg with warm centre, the textural and temperature differences add a pleasing level of complexity and ameliorate the excessive sweetness of a room temperature oeuf.

[ Caution is required with the microwaving. Starting temperature and microwave performance vary hence it isn’t possible to be exact_].


I can’t eat Creme Eggs for precisely this reason!

Personally feel you can’t go wrong with the Cadbury Egg n’ Spoon Chocolate Mousse eggs because:
A. You get a spoon, so no mess and
B. You can use said spoon to have egg-and-spoon races around the house before eating said egg (especially fun after drinking wine, for added relevancy here), which helps burn off some of the extra calories.


You need to batter and deep fry it for it to unlock its secret deliciousness.


Maybe you need to offset the cloying sweetness with something vinous. The rancio flavour in this works well with chocolate, not so sure about the gloopy filling, mind…

If you’re lucky it might be as good a combo as classed growth claret and a bag of Cheesy Wotsits.


Great thread. We were discussing it in the Buying office just now and wondering if a “liqueur egg” might be the way to go? So my plan for the weekend is to grab a bottle of this from the Showroom : https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=FC34281

and inject it in to a selection of eggs through a wide needle and syringe (which I have on hand for creating artificially tainted bottles of wine) to see whether this balances things out at all.

I’ll report back…


Due to circumstances outwith my control, my wifes friend and I once tried to make a cream-a-colada. Creme eggs liquidised with rum. She originally wanted to use a pork chop !!!. As you can imagine the results were not too good.


Consider this a vote for the underrated Mini-Egg.

And I’m completely with you on Creme Eggs, @Herbster. They’re well rubbish. Way too syrupy and sweet, like Barefoot Merlot.


I used to enjoy those things. I gave them up as I grew increasingly resistant to the sugar levels in them. To be honest I just stick to straight chocolate these days. The thing is that if you buy a quality chocolate, then the flavour is so good that you eat far less of it.

Anyway, Cadbury is in my bad books these days. So if you bought a crateload of creme eggs wholesale and are disappointed in how mediocre they are, here’s some ideas for you -


Never eaten a whole one. Took one bite out of curiosity about this overhyped phenomenon and nearly puked. Disgusting stuff inside some perfectly nice chocolate. It went in the bin. I cannot imagine wine would help unless to ease the pain and act as a mouthwash - and I feel a shot of whisky would do that job better.


I still enjoy Cadbury’s but with a slightly less pleasant taste in my mouth, on several levels. Since they were bought by the Kraft Heinz lot a few years back, the recipe has changed slightly and the chocolate just isn’t quite as good. But also, I’m very much anti-Kraft. The main man, Robert Kraft, is the Trump-supporting owner of evil sports franchise the New England Patriots. Enough reasons to dislike anyone right there. He also recently got in trouble for decidedly dubious activity at a massage parlour in Florida. Naturally, despite having publicly apologised for his actions, he’s denying he did anything illegal and threatening action against Florida police on the grounds that the searches that led to his arrest were illegal. And being extraordinarily wealthy he’ll almost certainly get away with it.

So, yeah. Godiva for the win.


I used to eat 6 at a sitting.

But then they changed the chocolate - haven’t bought one since.

That’s not to say I haven’t eaten them since, I just don’t buy them myself. But they are definitely not as good now.


What a sleazeboat! But I think Robert Kraft is the head honcho of The Kraft Group, not the same thing as The Kraft Food Group.

Don’t let that put you off your distaste for them though! They now sail under the Mondelēz International flag, having divested their N. American food interests in 2012 as The Kraft Food Group. Confusing I know.

Mondelēz products seem to dominate airport “duty-frees” these days, in ever more highly packaged, reformulated and lower content weight variants.


Creme eggs are a total sugar overdose, if I eat one I instantly feel like I need fillings in every tooth in my mouth. Bleagh indeed! There used to be an egg about the same size that split into two halves with chocolate outer and smooth praline inner. Now that was a lovely piece of confectionary.


Yes, the Lindt praline mini eggs. Now we’re in business!


Drifting way off topic here but if we’re talking not mass market but easily available chocolate I highly recommend everybody check out Tony’s Chocolonely. Its very ethical slave free chocolate (Fair Trade often being more a label to make the consumer feel good rather than a true benefit for the farmer) and has recently launched in the UK. I first sampled this in an ex squat cafe in The Netherlands when it was a tiny operation, they then ended up in the big supermarkets and department stores and are now expanding internationally but staying true to their slave free routes and producing high quality tasty bars. A limited range is in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s and the full range in specialist stores:

I’m not affiliated with them at all (I don’t even like chocolate that much on it’s own) but it’s a great cause. They do small eggs in NL but not sure if they’ve made it here yet.


Dutch friend gave me some of this recently. Wonderful stuff!!!