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Creeping Sexism

That is a completely different point from sexism.


See my previous comment. Always seems to be the same person as well.


So bring it up at the AGM. Seems a valid potential improvement - and also a bucket of worms - if the couple / threesome / whatever split up who gets custody of the ‘membership’ ?


It will have to be dealt with in the divorce settlement in which one party will have to buy out the share at market value, or cost price, whichever is the greater probably.


I think we’re entering into the realms of looking for solutions to problems that don’t exist.

There are loads of things that people bring into relationships that are shared, but at the same time still owned by one or another. In my case TWS membership. I’m sure if we ever split up, the £20 it would cost for my other half to gain access to this secretive and inaccessible fraternity would not prove insurmountable, should she wish to.


Does it need to go through the AGM? Members are allowed to bring a guest to in-person AGMs (and there is nothing to prevent one listening in to on line AGMs and tastings). Allowing a member to nominate someone else to participate here seems a purely administrative question. And as the member would remain named as the member, there would be no ambiguity in the case of divorce, death, or whatever.

Nuh-uh, not here anyway. People need their own things. We may have had three children together, we may have committed our lives to each other, but we’re not even Facebook friends.


Your suggestion was for “joint membership.” Shares are only issued to a member (singular). So to issue shares to two members to make them joint shareholders would require a rule change or change to the T and Cs which is carried out by resolution at an AGM or EGM.

With you all the way on that.

I thought it was mildly amusing actually.

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No it wasn’t.

Wasn’t what? You stated " joint membership"

If you think that thread is bad, don’t ever look at mumsnet…


I appreciate that is your view and your thoughts. I respectfully disagree.

I’m not sure how different this forum is to my wife talking about me to her friends or her family. I am sure I irritate her at times and she needs to vent, but more brings us together than divides us so that’s true love for me. I don’t feel the need to be in the middle of those discussions or need to respond to her comments. Everyone needs an outlet to share thoughts, frustrations, jokes, annoyance, love and every other emotion we wish to share.

As you say this forum isn’t open to everyone, so this is my outlet knowing that my comments aren’t open to everyone around the world.

I don’t criticise or belittle my wife, I just know she will be surprised with what I spend on wine so I would rather share with my friends here than tell her. As a result I do not perceive the inability to respond to comments as being a sign of sexism.

I genuinely don’t believe I’m belittling my wife, I’m not degrading my wife, I’m not ignoring my wife….I just know that she would ask questions about why I’m buying so much wine. The spend comes out of my personal bank account but I don’t believe she needs to know until the wine is delivered and it is shared with her equally. I actually get more pleasure out her response to wine she tastes than my own personal response, however I know if I asked her beforehand she would tell me not to buy the wine.


This is not a valid thread. This forum has a moderation process, indeed I have been censored by it myself. Report any sexism or keep quiet. Sorry to sound abrupt but use the correct system.


I don’t suppose there’s more than a handful of members participating in this forum who have partners who would want to join in, even if wine is a shared interest.


I’ve learned a few things from Mumsnet. It has been quite a good resource for all sorts of things.

However, who ever this “DH” is, they are in trouble!


I often share highlights of this forum with my wife and she doesn’t show much interest.

In my case my father occasionally contributes to this community, I’m sure he would report back to my wife if necessary…he prefers my wife to me :joy::joy:


I hate to disillusion you, but they are.

Only Members can post, but anyone can read (and google) what you say


Me too! Unfortunately, my idea of highlights are very different to hers and not only does she show no interest, there is active disinterest/disbelief that I would choose to share such ‘highlights’ with her.