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Creative writing - any poets out there?


I am a HUGE fan of Brian Bilston’s (not sure if he is a member or not … I feel he really ought to be one of us). I came across this post and felt that it should be shared in the hope there are other creative souls out there who might have tried their hand at poetry and wine


Oooh! that’s a challenge and a half! :smiley:
My first degree is in English Literature, but I must confess, I never tried to write about wine, least of all about a wine glass (or indeed, in the shape of it).
But I’ll don my ‘poetry’ cap and give it a go… will come back to you if I managed to produce something I’m happy to post…! :wink:


No need to go for the shape (though Brian is a magician with these, working in diagrams, shapes and even Excel spreadsheets), but it would be fun to have some creative writing to share :slight_smile:


A Burgundy haiku:

Twenty-sixteen Beaune
Oh no, I can’t afford it
Curse that springtime frost


Here’s my (slightly pathetic) homage to Shakespeare…

‘To drink or not to drink’
That may well be the question,
But here is my humble confession:
As long as it’s white, red or fizz
’To drink’ it always is!



Here is my humble attempt, a sweeping generalisation for that…



I once bought a Chambolle-Musigny
Whose RRP wasn’t so weeny
Twas not a good day
For it had TCA
When it comes to price now I’m a meanie