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Covid, and the physiology of taste

Yes, you are supposed to take same precautions, but after 2-3 weeks, depending on which study you want to believe, you are allowed (I think) to worry a little less, and that’s quite a benefit.


Yes, carrying on with the precautions was what I expected and my comment was slightly frivolous. It did however seem a little incongruous to have the jab and then be told to carry on exactly as before. I was happy to have it. Just looking out for any side effects now though with life as it is these days it’s not so easy to identify a “normal” baseline.


My taste and smell have now recovered. The one thing that is missing is appetite, and any desire to drink wine at the moment. It’s really strange. I am also going through a course of antibiotics and steroids, so it will be a while before I resume any drinking activities.

It’s a long journey back, but I am happy that, so far, I managed to escape with only minor side-effects.


Hope you get better soon @Alasdair.

One thing to notice is that the guidance on symptoms is about to change, due to the most recent data from the React study. The traditional 3 symptoms are no longer reflective of the typical case these days, possibly due to different variants triggering different symptomatic reactions.


Thanks for the replies. I’m fine now. As I said, the weirdest thing was being unable to eat my morning granola for three days as it tasted disgusting, while everything else tasted and smelled completely normal (including plenty of wine)


Where did you get the antibody test ?
I would love to know if I have had it . Not that I had any symptoms but Mr. Leah tested positive in October on a routine PCR test before going offshore . They tested his viral load which was low and he then subsequently tested negative 5 days later, so in my head if he had it , there’s pretty much no way I could have avoided it … but would love to know .

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I went online and got one from Lloyds Pharmacy. Received within a few days and I’m now waiting on the result.

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Lloyds pharmacy

Arrived on Monday, tested and posted back, result on Wednesday!
Be aware that the test does take quite a bit of blood. We both managed five drops from one finger before it dried up, then had to attack a second to get another five drops for the required amount!

I had exactly the same problem. My first finger (middle one) was seriously reluctant to give up any quantity of blood. but the next one (ring finger) happily topped up to the line and above! I sent mine back yesterday and they’ve acknowledged receiving it so expect something early next week.


Wow, that’s impressive. I posted it back yesterday and result just come through now. It seems I’m negative, But it is almost a year now since I suspected I may have had it and the false negatives are around 9% likely so still possible but very unlikely. Neither good news or bad but interesting! The reason for my suspicion was that I got quite ill as I drove back from Chamonix last March but at the time I put it down to a cold and I still think that’s the most likely.

Thanks for this I’ll order from Lloyds :+1:

Ooh… do that today and you get 10 years.


Can I suggest Beer - the answer and cause of many of mankind’s problems . Find a brewery / brew-pub that sells it on click-and-collect. You might have to buy 10L but it’s worth it, prescribe yourself a healthy 1L every evening.


To be honest I was staggered back then that I was able to drive back into the country with no checks, questions, tests, promises to quarantine (which I did anyway), nothing.