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Could certain expensive Exhibition wines be made available in cases of less than 12



I contacted TWS about this a couple of weeks back as it would be great for a novice to build up a collection in reserves, investing in 2-3 bottles at a time.


Could be, I ordered case of 12 last October.


I just took a look and Justerinis have a little bit of the Chave Farconnet 2005 & 2010 in stock. Sadly only in 12 bottle cases and i.b. There has been speculation, never confirmed that our Exhibition Hermitage is infact a relabelled Farconnet. Personally, I never believed that.
There again, our Exhibition Hermitage bottles just might be the best Farconnet barrels and then bottled for us, as was the case with the Cayron 2010. Only a comparative taste test could sort that one out, now wouldn’t that be fun? :wink:


Well, they have currently 908 bottles in stock! :cold_sweat:


:arrow_up:️ Wine goals. I aspire to this.


I’m in!!!:grin: