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Could certain expensive Exhibition wines be made available in cases of less than 12



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I agree with the 6 pack calls.

I would even go so far as to say that I would be willing to pay a small surcharge on the order for the WS’ time in making the arrangement. It would certainly be the difference between having some or none at all for me at the moment.


Another vote for cases of 6 here. Virtually all my EP orders have been those offered in sixes. Have made up my own mixed cases of 12 from the TWS list in past but as others say, the need to then withdraw that whole case in one go when the wines in it may have a decade or more ahead of them does make this tricky.


Yes I agree with request for 6 bottle cases on Exhibition wines


I’m not sure that I completely ‘get’ this…for a WS own label, the WS are the customer and get their own labels etc. Most WS label wines are in 12s, but there are a few 6 packs. Can the WS not specify this? The alternative is to repack to 6s at the UK end which seems a waste of time and money.

Also, Chave don’t pack all their wines in cases of 12, particularly at the upper end of the range.


So that argument does not work for the Exhibition Hermitage… as Chave seems to be set up to do either.


Another vote for the cases of six here. This was a key reason why I didn’t go for the 2010 Exhibition Hermitage when offered (which I do regret) and will likely pass on the 2014


And another vote for the six packs, particularly for the more expensive exhibition wines that need laying down for a few years before drinking. I’ve nowhere to store wines long term at home but over £400 for a case of 12 is beyond me… actually £200 for six might be, too - but at least I could imagine saving up for it. And for something really special that I could enjoy over several years, like the hermitage, I can really see myself doing that.


Just a general observation, I have no knowledge of how the WS works in this area, but six packs are not new, most premium wines EP come in six or 12 s now and six packs are taking over as prices rocket on the expensive wines, some Bordeaux and Burgundy producers are now doing 3 packs ! so the demand is there.


What might be an idea is that as many members who can, ring up the Society and make the point about the 2014 Exhibition Hermitage whilst supplied in 12 bottles cases, earlier this year when the 2010 Exhibition Hermitage was on sale, it was in 6 bottle cases. The same supplier Chave!! I think that if enough members do this, we may see a repackaging of the 2014 and make them aware that not all members have “Mariana Trench” depth pockets or wallets that are bulging at the seam or even space at home to store expensive wine in optimal conditions.
I think if enough members ring up and make these points which will be fed back to Marcel and the appropriate team, we may have a change of heart and policy!
We have Christmas and then the 2017 Rhone EP Offer in January! Give us a break!! :open_mouth::sob::yum:


Is the clear expressions of view from a number of members who might buy these wines here not enough? I am sure that the Member Services team will be busy enough at this time of year without getting calls about this - although I can see a case for doing it on that basis if they feed back the message quickly to save being hassled…

It’s not a difficult thing to deal with surely…most expensive wine is now sold in cases of 6 or even 3 now. Surely the WS can react to member demand by specifying the packing criteria to suppliers…?

If you want 12 buy 2 cases!


My mistake…I had though the 2010 was also offered in 12s, but must have been feeling conservative at the time so didn’t take the plunge, and now regret it even more!


I was allocated “6 bottles” of Haut-Batailley 2014 in my Vintage Cellar Plan. All the other wines I’ve been allocated have been clearly “case of 6 bottles”. I take this to mean that the bottles were supplied in a 12 bottle case. But I have 6 loose bottles in reserves :thinking:

I also notice that you can put limited supply bottles into reserves, sometimes limited to as few as one bottle per member (see the most recent burgundy ep campaign).

I think on this basis, TWS have the ability to assign less than a full case to members reserves regardless of the format that they arrive in Stevenage. So it must be a question of inclination…


I do not think that it is a question of “inclination”
TWS during my many years of membership on the vast majority of occasions will attempt to move heaven and earth to assist members. They would not have the stratospheric numbers of members who are more than happy with the legendary level of service that we receive.

I think that is one instance where the ball was dropped.
Maybe, it was not realised that the normal member would be disadvantaged by a 12 bottle case.
Maybe, given the very high prices that some members pay for their wine like First Growths, Chapoutier’s Ermitage or Jaboulet’s La Chapelle or even the current Rousseau Grand Cru at a piffling £1800 per bottle subject to allocation, then the less than "minted (never used that word before :open_mouth::wink:) members interests have been lost in the fog of the worlds elite wines!!

I think that the case has been made for a change of policy as it was with the Chave Hermitage 2015 debacle. :open_mouth::open_mouth:

Maybe this is an unforeseen consequence of a WS Community, warts and all.
We have not had a forum previously where we could express our views with a common clarion call!! (Now that’s proper or even tidy Welsh alliteration :wink:) lol

TWS should be proud of itself that they jumped into the 21st Century with this Community Website and this not insignificant issue should by a change of policy be a triumph.:grinning:


I absolutely agree that we get a great service and I wasn’t ‘avin a pop’ :wink: at the good folk who run the show.

I was just suggesting that the original case size seems to me to be a red herring.


Are you sure? I am quite certain I bought a single case and it was 12. Saying that Chave’s own is a six-pack.


I have it (them) in reserves.


It is quite a conundrum then…


Taken from my reserves list, a 6 bottle case.
Yah, boo, sucks!! :grinning::wink:


Is it possible that they started selling it in 12 bottle cases, saw a low take up and then split or repacked them in 6 bottle cases?

I have found the Purchase Confirmation Invoice for a 6 bottle case from 26/01/2018.
I bought it alongside a 6 bottle case of Fontodi Sorbo 2013.
Another 6 bottle case purchased on 8/11/2017
The 1st 6 bottle case bought on 19/10/2017
Darn it, I’m awash with the stuff,
Note to self, organise a party!!:thinking::wink: