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Could certain expensive Exhibition wines be made available in cases of less than 12




£468 for a case of 12.

It is unkind of the Society to expect members to purchase 12 bottles before they can place the wine in reserves. All Hermitage wine on the EP offers are in 6 bottle cases. They have done the same to the Hermitage Blanc, 12 bottle cases!!.
£234 for 6 bottles would make the wine more accessible to those who do not have a wine cellar at home.
Can someone at the Society have a word with Marcel or the relevant WS department to make sure that this does not become policy, better still make the 2014 Exhibition Hermitage available in 6 bottle cases,

The Rhône Rangers

Here here. I’ve not been able to put several wines I would have liked into reserves due to them being 12 rather than 6 bottle cases, the above being a good example


Maybe more members who feel the same, can post on this thread agreeing and by dint of a bit of pressure the policy might change.:wink:
After all it is our Society and it is not an unreasonable request.:grinning:


I agree. This appears to be policy across all exhib wines including dessert wines! Doesn’t make sense. One might argue for 3 bottle cases in the case of some of the top end bottles in the range.


I bought a 6 bottle case of the Society’s Exhibition Hermitage Rouge 2010 @ £36/bottle on the 6th of January 2018. The 2005 was sold in 12 bottle cases so I was forced to make up a 12 bottle case. I did this with a particularly good Beaujolais in the hope, nay expectation that it would take on a pinot character with time. The cellaring rules say that I must withdraw the entire made up case in it’s entirety and am not able to keep some bottles in reserves. With the 2014, sadly they have reversed the policy. For the 2014 bottle at £39, it for many members without home storage facilities must be a stretch to afford 6 bottles, especially with Christmas looming and then straight into the EP 2018 Rhone Offer. £468 for 12 bottles for many Rhone fans is too much, when a simple repackaging job would solve the problem.
I note that the Society’s Exhibition Rioja, Margaux, English Sparkling Wine, Victoria Shiraz etc., etc., are available in 6 bottle case and these are not £39 bottles. Can some common sense prevail here, please??:sob:


I think this might merit its own topic, I will split if you people don’t mind.


Yes good idea, I would like to hear the rational for this too. There could be a very understandable reason for this but would be good to know .


I agree with this (both the general point, and the specific one about these two wines). Thanks for raising it @Taffy-on-Tour.


Another vote here for six-packs wherever possible. I’ve been thinking about putting three of the Hermitage into a 12er for reserves but that still needs nine other ageworthy beasts to go in with them and the car needed new tyres this month.


What an interesting point! Let me have a look into this to see who might be able to give you some insight. :slight_smile:


There doesn’t seem to be much consistency from (some of)* the winemakers either. I can – and indeed do – have a six-bottle case of Vajra’s barbera but need to buy 12 bottles of the nebbiolo. Only 50p difference in the bottle price.

*I have done minimal research here.


Agreed - if other wines can be offered in cases of 6 I don’t see why this can’t. Both on grounds of expense and having to get round the reserves policy too. 12 can be too many bottles to tie up finite space and budget even if you really like the wine.


Come on, there’s a man in Wales who managed without them…must have doubled up on the WS Hermitage…


I’ve had a little investigate and it looks like the people who’d know most about this aren’t in today, but for now I did manage to speak to one of our buyers, Freddy, who let me know it’s generally the wineries who decide how the cases are packed. If they’re set up to pack in 12s/6s, that’s generally what they’ll do as they’ll already have the boxes/procedures in place to do that and it keeps their costs lower. That probably explains the lack of consistency.

But I’ll see what else I can find out when some of the other people in the know are back in the office! :smiley: The slightly limiting nature re: affordability and purchasing to store in Reserves is a really interesting angle I hadn’t even considered before so thanks for pointing this out!


Ha ha! Normal rules don’t apply in Pembrokeshire. Anywhere west of Llantwit Major is Mad Max country…

But if I look out the window at the new tyres and unfocus my eyes, all I can see now are bottles of Hermitage propping up the car.


On a similar note, I have been considering the German 2017 cases to go into Reserves and am actively leaning towards any that are 6 in preference to 12 bottles. If it’s a 6 case, I can then have two different wines instead of just one and I find that 6 is usually enough to try three or more times through its life. A full case can be too much, especially if it doesn’t quite match expectations.

At the end of the day, I would probably spend at least the same, if not more on a selection of 6 bottle cases (for Reserves) than 12 bottle cases. While I have made up a 12 out of 2 wines or very recently 4 wines x 3 bottles, I had to be so careful about dates knowing that the whole case had to be brought home in one go.


And surely if there is no tyre it technically can’t have low tread and should pass the MOT fine right? :smiley:


When I was a lad, your neck of the woods was :open_mouth: jokingly referred to as “Little England past Wales,” due to the number of English retirees decamping to warmer climes.

Many happy weekends spent there with a very sociable and enthusiastic Blonde Liverpudlian nurse, also some school friends boat fishing out of Fishguard, we camped on a clifftop and the ensuing escapades beggared belief. Maybe, another time!! :open_mouth::wink:
Very happy memories!


It certainly wasn’t one of these…


That looks like the wheel sitting at the side of the road at the end of the clip!