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Coudelet de Beaucastel 2015


Hi there, is anyone drinking this yet? Is it ápoint or still needing a rest?


Sounds like a question for @Taffy-on-Tour and @szaki1974



Without wanting to pre-empt the expert response, I believe it’s a keeper


I am no expert… I have had the 2012 recently and it was great, I also think keep for the 2015.


3 years seems a bit early for 2015. The EP notes said 2018-2026. Depends how many you have, try one and see!


As Tom says I guess it depends on how much you have. Could you just try one?
It can be a long lived wine, although it does drink young compared to the CNDP. My feelings are it would be very tight at the moment and it’s best days at in front of it but I see on CellarTracker some are drinking and enjoying it now.



I bought so much 2015, but inexplicably did not buy the Coudoulet that year.
I did however buy the '14 & '16 but wish that I had bought the '15.
If the Society listed it today, I would snaffle up a case in a nanosecond.
In '15, I focussed very heavily on N Rhone; and unless one has unlimited funds, one cannot buy everything!!