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Cote Des Bar Champagne recommendations


We are visiting in a week or so towns like Les Riceys so wanted to see if there are any recommendations for winemakers or co-ops to visit. Looking for value Champagne (know its an oxymoron).


We stayed in Bar-sur-Aube and had lunch here (kids loved the burger, ours were 5 and 10 at the time)

+33 3 25 27 52 89

Nice selection of fizz across all price ranges, including by the glass. Might be a bit far for you guys, but the reason I mention it was because we had a glass of a champagne by Marcel Vezien. This one

MrsB enjoyed it so much , she insisted we drive to M Vezien that afternoon (about 40 minutes) to get a few bottles to take home. Was pretty reasonable, with a 6-bottle discount that one came in just above €20 (we also picked a few of their Souvenir d’Ancetre cuvee). They offer tasting, so you can see what you like. Fairly delicate, nice fruit, they’re all gone now. I think we’d buy again if in the area.

The cellar is In Celles-sur-Ource, pretty close to Les Riceys


I wanted to pay a visit here too, but being the summer holidays, was totally closed.