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Costco and wine in the USA

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I’m looking buy my brother, who lives in the US, some wine for this birthday. Hopefully some good Oregon PN.

Does anyone know of a US equivalent to BBR, Waitrose cellar or Decantalo where I could order wine online for delivery within the US mainland?

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I have no idea what it’s like, but the host seems to rate them and though she is paid to big them up, she comes across as having integrity and she’s pretty knowledgeable (pronunciation aside).

I’m sure there’s a discount in there somewhere. if you listen to the podcast

I don’t know if you can order from abroad for delivery to the US though,

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There’s a US wine forum called Wine Berserkers. might be worth a look to see recommended merchants there?

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US wine retailing is complicated. Historically it’s been regulated state by state, and some of them still ban cross-state wine sales (there was a Supreme Court case about it recently which may change that eventually, but I don’t believe it’s happened yet).

So it depends what state your brother is in - or I believe there’s an exception where wine sold by the producers can typically be shipped nationwide.


Thanks for insights. @NW_passenger He lives in Portland, OR

BevMo.com is a good option (I have been to some of their stores in California) but they only deliver to certain states.

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When I lived in the Bay Area I liked KL Wines - they had a good selection and the prices were pretty reasonable. I see they do ship to Oregon at a price, but you may well be better off with an Oregon retailer if somebody knows a good one.

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I was going to say what @NW_passenger said, but as your brother lives in OR and you want an OR Pinot why not order from the OR winery of your choice?

I don’t reckon you will go wrong with Willamette Valley Vineyards, founded and run by Jim Bernau who is a first rate chap. It’s close to Portland; I’ve been there and tasted & drunk their PN. They were rated “One of America’s Great Pinot Noir Producers” by Wine Enthusiast Magazine .

They’ve got old ‘library’ vintage PNs and gift boxed wines that may be appropriate, see


That’s an excellent suggestion @peterm and probably what i’ll end up doing. I’m after top quality Oregon PN and the larger retailers outside of Portland seem to have a limited selection. I know very little about top Oregon producers, Willamette Valley Vineyards appears to be right up there.

I’ll second the recommendation for WVV. Their Pinot Blanc is also very good.

I’m based in the US at the moment and agree it’s complicated.

If there is a Total wine near your brother the they usually have a pretty strong selection (maybe not top, top but really impressive - its one of my favourite ways to spend an hour on a Sunday!)


If it’s OR wine you want and would like something a little more interesting that a run-of-the-mill Pinot may I suggest Illahe Project 1899.

It’s made completely without modern technology (including electricity or even fuel - it’s delivered to the distributor by canoe) as it would have been in 1899.

You can’t get it in the U.K. any more but a friend of mine used to import it.

It’s both a really incredible effort and an outstanding wine.