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Corsican Wines

Just returned from a fabulous week on the west side of the island, where I had the opportunity to try many different types of rose and white wines, including the Ajaccio producer the society carries.

Favourite producers:

Clos Canarelli
This one is just outside Figari and produces high-end wines aged in clay amphors. You can find them in Michelin star restaurants in France and in London. The red is a standout and so is the white. The rose is dry and clean. Paid a visit to the winery last time.

Domaine Peraldi
@owmarcel find! This is near the airport in Ajaccio, so quite convenient for a visit. Sublime white. Haven’t tried the red yet, but looking forward to it based on their other wines. The Society carries the rose, which has a nice flavour and finish. It tasted twice as good when drunk while enjoying the sunset at the gulf of Ajaccio.


Clos Culombo
This is almost everywhere. Easy to find in restaurants and even around London. I like the white too and the Society carries the rose. Calvi is a bit of a hike, so I didn’t go there this time, as I was staying in the south of the island.

Domain Abbatucci
The best for last. This can get expensive. The whites are served on many Michelin star restaurants in France (had it once at Helene Darroze in London but it has been replaced by Clos Canarelli). Faustine is their entry level wine.


My favourite from their portfolio is their white Diplomate D’Empire.


More to come…


Very envious - a beautiful Island and as you say they have some lovely wines. I have not particularly fond memories of recuperating from an injury by drinking Corsican Rosé tucked up in a sleeping bag at midday when I was out there with mates for a walking holiday when we were students. The temperature was unseasonably low for the time of year (freezing at night and 5c during the day) and 2 of us managed to injure knees and ankles on the paths. Did you try many of the reds? As I recall one of the ‘native’ varieties is in fact a variant of Sangiovese.


Really interesting to read this, and I’m rather envious too!

I’ve unfortunately to date never gone much beyond the Rosés myself, though I have a vague thought I may at one time have been given a bottle of that Diplomate D’Empire on a work-trip one time some years back; I think I remember that military scene on the bottle. If it is the same one, it was a really lovely wine, I do remember that much. I see it’s available at Millesima but at a prohibitive price for me. Unfortunately x 2!

The Rosés though are consistently among my go-to wines, and especially the WS Umanu Rosé, Ile de Beauté, Vignerons Corsicans. I’ve been buying that one for several years now, and love the slightly herby earthy dryness to it that seems to increase with a bit of bottle-age. For me, it goes well with a lot of the cooking we do chez nous. I opened my first 2020 the other night though, and felt it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as usual this time; a bit limp and watery maybe. That may be because I’ve often drunk them once they’re just a wee a bit older; I certainly hope so!

I’ve noticed too that the WS’s own Corsican Rosé always goes down very well with visitors [and with me! Definitely one of my go-to wines that one.] The Clos Culombo ditto, though a bit more extravagant to be pouring that one down visitors’ throats :~}


Yes, it’s that one. They make an entry level wine, under the Faustine label. The vielles vignes rose and the white are excellent. I just had both this week. These are more affordable. The grape names are all unpronounceable, unfortunately.


Add to this list Domaine Pietrelia whose white (pictured) was praised by all adults in my Corsican household, and whose rose cost a fraction of Culombo and it just as good. They are also from Ajaccio, which proved handy, as it was only 1 hour’s drive.



Yes I’d endorse Abbatucci and Corsican wines in general, and that the Island is a great winery visit destination; I’ve made three trips so far and it’s rising up the go back to list once more. They are very pro-British - and somewhat less enthusiastic about the French !
Something to do with helping them in a conflict against Boney to preserve the Isle’s independence - albeit temporarily.

I still have a General de la Revolution to open from the last visit - interesting list of cépages in the blend Général de la Révolution – Domaine Abbatucci and enjoyed an interesting lunch there on the day.

Further votes, from memory, of more stand-out wineries to visit in the Southern half -
Fiumicioli in Sartène
Domaine Saperali in Ortolo Valley
Sant Armettu in Propriano
Domaine de Torraccia in Porto Vecchio
Clos Capitoro in Ajaccio

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This wine includes a range of cepages (Vermentino, Brustiano, Bianco Gentile, Genovese, Rossola Bianca), some of which you won’t find anywhere else.

I’ve had that one too. The reds are interesting also.