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Corrupt thread

Anyone else having issues with weekend drinking thread 9th-12th? Totally corrupt for me either logged in or out.


Yeah, me too


Me too! Can’t see most of the posts whatever I do (different browser, different devices…).


Yeah, same.

And there was I thinking we were getting political

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Me too

Yep. I’m thinking of posting to the weekend drinking thread but it’s apparently devoid.

Nope - hang on, it loads but is endlessly repetitive (ie much more than usual)


I know. I came on this thread to see if I could set up a Gibraltar/Sark/Panamanian shell company but no.

There’s a very odd thing that some markup systems remove the ‘y’ from Firefox mac browsers. It’s ver strange. Ver ver strange indeed…


It looks like another thread has been eaten by the internet sprites, Rhone Rangers this time! RIP over 3.7k posts and 90+k views of Rhone worship!

@laura @Kelly any idea what’s causing this?

Edit: The no.1 thread on the community if sorted for views! :persevere:


Yes, the Admin have been notified, given it is late(ish) in the evening, I am sure it will be looked at tomorrow.


Actually they are all still there except the very latest, so at least not lost. You just have to work down from an earlier time/date and you can get as far as a few hours ago before they disappear.

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I was on mobile earlier and couldn’t get anything other than whitespace. Glad to hear that all of @Taffy-on-Tour’s hard work hasn’t been lost :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hopefully it’s just me, but the Rhone Rangers thread is broken! :scream: :scream: :scream:

The longest thread (by miles) on the community, nearing 4K posts, I feel like this is a huge potential loss of priceless knowledge!

(One which has also cost me personally at four figure sum I do not wish to dwell on.)


It’s not just you. I can’t access it either.

@laura, what happened?


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In the meantime I leave the honours of starting a Rhone Rangers Mark II thread to @Taffy-on-Tour


I had a chuckle the other day when I saw this topic, for a split second I thought it may have been political, perhaps a running commentary on our PM and his integrity-free zone cabal, but then I was relieved to see it was not. Had it been it would quickly have overtaken the volume of wine-related posts no doubt and kept folks very busy indeed…


Hi guys! I’ve locked the topic for now, and I’m looking into it (I’m not a developer so this isn’t my area of expertise, but I’m referring it to our IT team).

In the mean time, can I ask if anyone who is able to click into the topic can attempt to click a little bit further up on the light blue sidebar on the right and see if that results in you being able to view earlier posts in the topic? This is currently working for me (fingers crossed!) so I can still see earlier posts, which is promising.

It seems to start getting into a loop around the 15h ago mark, which is where it breaks.

I’m hoping we can get this fixed, but I’d suggest starting a new topic in the mean time.

I’m also going to see if there’s a way we can split the topic up a bit to stop the corruption so we can salvage as much of the original topic as possible (hopefully even all of it!)

I can do this.

Yes, same for me again. Much easier on desktop than mobile though.

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Thanks, that’s really good to know! Hopefully we can all still read most of the topic then, so the posts aren’t lost. I’ll update you all as soon as I hear back from IT.