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Cornwall’s Vineyards

Good morning all!

I find myself down in Cornwall with the family for a week - and when I get a little hint of time, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to shirk some parenting responsibilities for an afternoon and head off to find some local wines.

I’ve been to Camel Valley previously (I love their Danibole Bacchus and Brut) - but am looking at Knightor this time too. And Trevibban Mill if I can claim an extra an hour away from the kids and in-laws.

Aside from the above, does anyone have any further recommendations for local wineries please? Or ones to avoid?

Thank you very much!



Head and shoulders above the rest is, obviously, Camel Valley, and booking a tour/ tasting there is de riguer https://www.camelvalley.com

Further north near Padstow is Trevibban Mill https://trevibbanmill.com open routinely for tastings and light meals, nice location, bonkers-in-a-good-way owner. (originally wanted to grow pomegranates there). Very decent PN précoce.

Further south nearer to St Austell is Knightor https://www.knightor.com again, open routinely

If you’re further west, have a look at Polgoon https://www.polgoon.com and what they are doing there. Smaller outfit but growing some warmer climate vines under poly tunnel

There are several more hit-or-miss smaller ones but those four would be top of my Cornwall list.

post script
Oh just actually read you full post - doh … so, yes Trevibban Mill would be a good outing if you’ve visited Camel Valley already, I would pick ahead of Knightor. And of course you’d be close to Padstow itself and the Rick Stein foodie empire


That’s brilliant - thank you very much!

Camel Valley would be likely just to be quick visit into the shop as I’ve previously been around there. But very much enjoyed the visit.

Delighted to hear that those 2 vineyards are top of the pile - really appreciate the comments on them.

Now all I need to do is to try and swing some time away from the family to go and visit them!

Thanks again,


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All the big ones are already listed! For something a little smaller scale, there is also Bosue and polmassick.

Trevibban mill is a a lovely day out and the tour includes some of the lovely landscape that is part of the site.


I bought a Reichensteiner vine from their odds and sods for sale items about 8 years ago to replace a horrible hybrid (I think was Orion), and happily grows outdoors here in N Norfolk and ripens most years before the frosts. It’s nice to eat.

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I think the general consensus is Trevibban mill… now to convince the wife that this is a good idea.

If she doesn’t think it’s a good idea, I might just go on my own! :rofl:

Thank you very much!

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Just some souvenir pics from our visit there in 2016. The posed one is with the owner, the very entertaining Engin Mumcuoglu. He has these curious one-sided low level netting fences which I think were to reduce the wind burn, and he has sheep all over which keep the grass down. The soil is a thin crust of sandy loam but below the surface is pretty much solid slate.


Looks like he’s serious about coffee too, loving the EK43 in the second pic!

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I’ve just had another look at their website and am very tempted by the mixed 4 Turkish varietal wines… all 4 I’ve never tried before.

One could be a wild card at our next Norwich TWS group tasting…

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Are their ciders good?

I wouldn’t doubt that they were but have not tried them. Not really my scene.

While Knightor’s wines aren’t the best, their vermouth’s are fantastic.

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