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Cornas Dinner in London on Wednesday


I hope that this is OK to post here…

A group of us are getting together up near Liverpool St on Wednesday evening to open up a selection of mature bottles from Robert Michel and Vincent Paris who took over his vines as a ‘compare and contrast’ exercise. I’m very much looking forward to it having bought recent vintages of Vincent Paris’s wines from the Society!

Currently flights are as below. Contributions are from attendees’ cellars and if you’re able to bring a Paris/Michel wine then brilliant, though an older Cornas which fits the flights would be fine!

We’ve reserved a private room and food and corkage is £57.50 each (to be clear this is non-commercial!).

Please feel free to message me if you’re interested.

Cornas Granit 60 Vincent Paris 2005
Cornas La Geynale Robert Michel 2005

Cornas Granit 30 Vincent Paris 2007
Cornas Granit 60 Vincent Paris 2007
Cornas La Geynale Vincent Paris 2007

Cornas La Geynale Robert Michel 2000
Cornas La Geynale Robert Michel 2003
Cornas Granit 60 Vincent Paris 2004

Cornas Granit 60 Vincent Paris 2009
Cornas La Geynale Vincent Paris 2009


Looks like a fun evening. Nothing like that in my hoard, but let us know how you get on so I can drink vicariously :smile:


Will do!


Fantastic, some photos would be good too :wink:


My notes from this as follows. It’s fair to say that there wasn’t much love for any of the Vincent Paris wines around the table!

VP Granit 30 2007

Very lifted. Cote Rotie like? Lard and smoked pork fat. Later something a bit dirty emerges - kidney and rubber. Lean, high acid - as with all 3 of this flight. 3*

VP Granit 60 2007

Denser both structurally and aromatically. Darker tones on the nose, firm tannins. Pretty volatile too - extreme Musar levels +. Hints of smoked salami! 3.5*

VP Geynale 2007

Peppery, black olive nose. My notes say ‘not fruity’… Dark. Still showing that volatility. Weird bready character emerges with time. 3.5*

FWIW my final bottle of 3 of VP’s 2007 St Joseph - drunk a year or two ago- was a mess of volatile acidity.

Voge Vielle Fontaines 2006

Wow! Hedonistic nose - loads of new oak, ripe fruit. Structure emerges with time though - there’s no mistaking that it’s Cornas under the expensive make-up. Very, very different to everything else tonight but I like it… 4.5*

VP Granit 60 2005

MUCH riper than any of the 2007s. Fuller, more together. Tannins are fairly rustic.on the edge of volatile. Bacon fat, damson. 4*

RM Geynale 2005

Banana and butterscotch on the nose?? Reminds me of Rioja! ‘Smudgy’ texture; feels as though someone has sketched this wine out and then gone over it very lightly with an eraser. Comes across as silky next to the VP (!). Generous palate - closed aromatically though. 4*

VP Granit 60 2004

Bretty. Peppery. Brett. Some red fruit in there too? 2.5*

RM Geynale 2000

Salami, pepper, tar, watercress. High acid- lean, racy. Fabulous. 5*

RM Geynale 2003

Fairly brutal furry tannins. Creamy and full palate. Slightly tough. Loads of star anis on the nose. 4*

Notes after this a little sketchy…

VP Granit 60 2009

Tannins taste under-ripe; tough. 2.5*

VP Geynale 2009

VV firm. Needs time. 3.5*

Haisma Cornas Combe 2011

Creamy in the mouth. Smells like under-ripe Cabernet - green pepper and a bit of cassis. Very unattractive. 2*

Courbis Cornas 1985

Cool fruit, elegant. Gentle old wine. 4*