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Corliss Cab Sav 2013 [#winediscovery]



Just wondering if anyone here has tried wines from this producer in Columbia Valley?
It’s currently around £60 at Costco so very steep and I don’t know anything about this producer apart from what they say on their website. Does anyone know anything about the producer?


Is that £60 for a quantity. Costco are not known for high quality wines are they? But I’m willing to be proved wrong.


No £60 per bottle and if you haven’t been to Costco lately I think you will be very surprised at the increase in quality of their wines . The bulk wines they still do but they are now stocking the likes of D’Arenberg Dead arm Shiraz, King Fu Girl Reisling, Humbrecht Alsace etc… Their prices are extremely competitive too. Unfortunately their online listings are different to their actual instore stock but I had an alert sent about this particular wine and wondered if anyone had experience of the producers ? Maybe @peterm?


OK. I haven`t been to Costco lately. Living in a rural area, my nearest is Birmingham which is a 90 minute drive. Went once to Watford, found it a bit unreal with the warehouse/bulk buy approach, so have never joined the club!
Let me know what the wine is like.


Surely that 97 point score hasn’t resulted in price inflation…


I tend to ignore those anyway…:wink:


Sorry, @Leah , I’ve nor even heard of that producer. The price seems to be about the right point, according to wine-searcher but…

If you’re going to spend £60 on a bottle of wine, then there’s a lot of competition at the price point, inclusing from well known wineries that have a track record.

As for 97 points! Points are not like temperatures or speeds which are set and indisputible, wine points have as much meaning as the person issuing them intends. These 97 points were given by Jeb Dunnock. No, me neither.

However, Corliss seems to have a good reputation and the US wine forums, albeit for big and jammy wines.

But I’m puzzled why an old - 2012 - Washington State wine has ended up in a UK Costco? It it because they’ve not sold in the US and have been off-loaded?


Thanks for your reply Peter,
I wondered this too. Costco have been stocking more and more wine from the US since the Autumn. I picked up a couple bottles of Joseph Drohin Willamette PN which were great.
I haven’t purchased it as I didn’t know the producer but that’s not saying a lot as my knowledge of Washington producers is not as great as I would like it to be, hence why I asked on here.
As for the points rating… ha, ditto , never heard of him.
I think on this occasion, I may leave it as like you say, £60 will get me something I know I’ll enjoy elsewhere.
Thanks again though. :wink:


Willamette PN can be fantastic, and Domaine Drouhin is owned by the Burgundy house Joesph Drouhin so it’s got great antecedents.

Confession time: I much prefer Willamette (and Central Otago/Martinborough) PN to Burgundy. :hushed:


I’m a real fan of Joseph Drohin’s wines including his Rully and I’m in agreement about Willamette , Otago and MB. Its difficult to ignore these regions in favour of Burgundy all the time. Especially given the price difference :wink:


Going a bit off original topic but Lemelson Pinot from TWS is good. Price of Thea’s has increased though probably due to the exchange rate.


Apparently they often age for some time in barrel and bottle so will hold older vintages for later release

As has been said, £60 seems a lot for a punt when it’ll get you something you know is going to be great elsewhere!


“never heard of him”

Jeb Dunnuck was with Parker at the Wine Advocate before going on his own last year, one of it seems an endless stream of wine critics who now Parker has retired are going it alone, apart from Californian wines he specialises in Bordeaux, who doesn’t, and the Rhone and has become one of the many quoted for their scores by wine merchants everywhere, it is becoming an overcrowded market .