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Cork removal advice, please

I have a bottle of prosecco and a bit baffled by the closure, how would you approach a fizz that is closed like this?

usual corkscrew after removing the string of course… Is it a frizzante? Ive had a few corked like this and as frizzante is less sparkling than a spumante I usually just open with a regular corkscrew…:wink:


yes, you are right, it is a frizzante… was just trying to avoid disaster

would you cut the string with scissors? :wink:

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You can probably just push it over to the side if you cant wait to find a scissors :laughing:


I got it as a “freebie” by the way… for purchasing some organic veg boxes. Not my usual staple might I say.

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The precursor to The Society’s Prosecco was bottled in this way - it was called Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Frizzante Spago (Sparkling Prosecco di Valdobbiadene with String). Push the string to one side and use a corkscrew.

It has the advantage that, not being bottled with a Champagne cork, it doesn’t count as sparkling for duty purposes, and therefore the taxman receives less!

The pressure is low enough that the string (hand-tied) should keep the cork in place - don’t buy a case and leave it in a hot car, though, unless you want prosecco all over the floor… #voiceofexperience


I promise I won’t


Oh dear :persevere:

I’ve got a picture somewhere of the corks in various degrees of elevation out of the bottles!


Might just open it now that my daughter got in to our (and her) first choice primary school.


Yay!! Always stressful !! Definitely a celebratory moment :blush:

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Such good Prosecco they give it away!!
Try a Screw/Screwdriver and Molewrench. At least you can enjoy opening it, if not drinking it!