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Coravin Model 11


This is from the Drinks Business article blurb sales pitch for the new Coravin 11 to be launched in the autumn.

“A new app, which Lambrecht admits has taken more time to develop than the actual Coravin itself, will be released in conjunction with the Model Eleven, although you don’t require the latest Coravin to be able to use it. It has the ability to match wine with food and music, and can select bottles from within personal wine collections or suggest wines to buy.”

what a sad indictment of the world we live in when an app will select your food and music, and if people have personal wine collections I am pretty sure an app is not needed to select purchases, but then again when kids today cannot live or do anything without a smartphone I suppose that is the way we are going into the future !


I do think the core of the Coravin product is sensible and useful - and I’m glad I own one (which was given to me by the inventor, not paid for - just for transparency) but the more I read about “Model 11” the more I have to keep checking that this is not an April Fool gone crazy.

Who needs an LED to tell you when a wine is ready to pour? An an app? Seriously?




(warning, slightly NSFW … so just don’t click on it!)

… sadly it seems the video has been taken down …


I think this pretty much summs up the modern world! Thank god we don’t live forever (or at least that’s what paradoxically keeps me going despite ensuing madness around!)… :crazy_face:


Totally, the Coravin is a clever idea and according to all that have one use it works well and is a good addition to the whole wine process, in my case as I never leave a bottle unfinished it would be a wasted luxury :rofl:


aHH, but its not wasted just delayed.




Who needs Nosterdamus when you have Albert… :thinking:


Who needs the truth about what Einstein really said when you have the internet…


I see what you did there! Touché :wink:


Well it has got away from Coravin but nonetheless the technology is good for you debate goes on elsewhere, even in the Guardian…


An emphatic YES from me! :face_with_monocle:



Ah yes! I’ll remember this for next time :wink:


I am sorry @inbar, you have now been told off twice for the same thing


It’s OK, @szaki1974! I am used to being told off for quoting others (accurately or not) all the time… it’s the curse of the English graduate :wink: