Coravin Aerator

Anyone had any experience with these? I am interested, as many of the wines that I “access” need airation/decanting. Cheers :slight_smile:

I bought one of the following in May and it works well especially if you pour small servings at a time.

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These are really brilliant. I use a similar one regularly. I even use it to decant wines to speed up the airation process. However this question is particularly aimed at the airator attachment for the Coravin as can be seen here. The Coravin allows me to pour a glass of wine without opening the bottle and exposing the rest of the wine to oxygen. A really brilliant but expensive device I was spoiled with for my birthday last week.
Typically I am already plotting to spend yet more money on attachments for it :laughing:

I have the Coravin aerator as Coravin has a £50 off voicher when i registered my product with them, so it was free…

I did a bit of an A/B test, and it certainly made a difference. it took the harshness off a newly opened bottle in the same way leaving it open a while was.

I am not sure it is worth 45 quid, you can just put the coravin into one of these ( which i also have). If you can get the coravin aerator cheap, go for it, but not worth 45.

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Thanks @OwenA! You just saved me £38.
Great suggestion.

In case interests anyone, it seems Coravin are currently giving away free aerators if you buy 12 argon capsules……

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