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Copitas for Sherry

I have been using wine society copitas for sherry for a long time.

Sadly several have now bitten the dust and I only have two left aand they are no longer on sale.

Can anyone recommend a replacement? The tasting glasses seem a little too large

In a similar position, I know who you should be calling for advice, Richard !!!

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Equipo Navazos, who are probably the supreme sherry bottlers, usually recommend ‘moderately large stemware’, which is what I use. I don’t think a copita gives the sherry enough air.


A while ago I recommended these to @lapin_rouge in another thread for use with port.

They work really well with Sherry too. Cheap and dishwasher friendly too. You can usually find them discounted on Amazon.

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I use Durobor Sherry glasses from their Classics Line. Good quality. Can’t remember from where I bought them. I always wash them by hand rather than a dishwasher.

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I use them most days, totally dishwasher-proof. Perfect for a dram of whisky, very useful for that first small glass of wine - when you open a bottle in advance and need a taster ‘just to check it’s OK’.

Only niggle is the glass could be slightly finer.

These looks very similar to the ISO tasting glass ISO Type Wine Tasting Glasses 21.5cl - Set of 6 - Wineware.co.uk

I was going to say the same thing - and this is exactly what we use for sherry. The perfect measure and you don’t miss out on the nose. The downside is I now only have 2 left due to the attrition of regular use.

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Sherry is essentially a white wine so I think a white wine glass is best. I’ve not been convinced by a glass that tapers inwards.

I’d agree for anything more interesting. For more ‘everyday’ drinking (currently Morrison’s own-label fino, excellent, and ridiculous value @ £5.25 for a 75cl bottle), we find the ISO glasses give you an ideal measure.

In my experience, the Spanish use white wine glasses. They always pour a much more generous measure than you get with the average copita.

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Must agree - I definitely take the Spanish approach to measures of Sherry! (Perhaps excepting very sweet PX)