Cooking, and drinking with, Mutton

Years ago I was enthralled by a radio food programme about the possibilities of eating Mutton. Sadly I cannot locate it, but it was about the many possibilities of this meat, and how it would also help to support local farmers and traditional breeds.

As we are about to hit peak lamb season, I am trying to prepare myself to give it a go.

Has anyone cooked mutton? Any tips?

What about wines? Depending on how it is cooked I guess this will change, but while Rioja might be a true classic match for roast lamb, what about mutton?

Can anyone help?

Long and slow.

Mutton is a bit of a marmite thing that it has a very strong unique character that is also present in lamb to a much lesser degree (I love it, but my wife hates it), which can be reigned in a bit by trimming the fatty bits. You could cook mutton porkolt (or misnamed goulash in this country) a very traditional Hungarian dish, try this recipe substituting the beef shin with mutton.

I am actually craving mutton now… so will seek it out. I have been eyeing it on this website:


And bikaver with this dish…

Mutton used to be the rule and lamb was the exception…

…Easter may be peak lamb eating season, but home produced lamb season doesn’t really start until July/August. Home produced lamb at Easter is most likely hogget, which is one year old lamb, and very good too.

Cooking mutton depends on age, two year old can be cooked like lamb except a bit slower and longer, 5 year old needs slow and long, and makes very good curry dishes too. This supplier is quite local to me and their lamb and mutton is fantastic. Some recipes there too. I have a half leg in the freezer which I’m looking forward to.

For wine, I would suggest similar to lamb for younger mutton, maybe a bit more assertive. Maybe a good Aussie or Rhone red. Rioja would be fine too I think, perhaps more in the older style.


Just seen @szaki1974 reply and he uses the same supplier as me!

…or is thinking of using them. I can heartily recommend them. Their lamb season doesn’t start until late August, but it’s superb - get your wife to try that if she doesn’t like mutton.

Mutton ?? Change one letter and you have the ideal suggestion in Mouton


And if you want to make up your basket for free delivery, there’s Rose Veal in their list too. Italian style meatballs with veal mince are really hard to beat.
Maybe an old Cornas or Madiran for the mutton?


This site is now taking control of my meat orders as well as the wine orders…


Also buy the mutton bones to make stock to further enrich whichever dish you are going to make.

My favourite local gastro pub has Handmade Pappardelle, Mutton Shoulder Ragu, Mint, Parmesan, on the menu at the moment. I must visit. The Sun Inn, Dedham

Their wine list is better good too.

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We’ve enjoyed this. The sheep (wedders is the correct term, I think) are slaughtered in their third year. There’s none of the toughness that’s often associated with mutton (I served the rack medium rare and it was delicious). There was an interesting tv programme called ‘This Farming Life’ which showed this crofting endeavour (amongst others). It may be available on iplayer.

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We grew up on Mutton, it was much more readily and cheaply available than lamb.
Maybe its an Irisg thing, my Dad still buys it and cooks it like @szaki1974 said, long and slow and keeps basting it. Maybe I’ll try it in the slow cooker, a mutton curry maybe. :wink:
@DrEm, I asked my local butcher to order me some Rose veal as everytime I go to Italy I’m blown away by the veal I’m served. He agreed and said he’d let me know when he got it in…
After a couple weeks I went back to see him and asked if he ever managed to order any to which he replied, oh yes, but it was so good I took it home for myself…:angry: the pup…


M&S have 2 rose veal dishes, we’ve had this several times for dinner


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@peterm thank you thank you thank you :blush:!!

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We just discovered this company:
and are about to make a rather large game order, which should last us for some time…! :grinning:
They’re the only ones I know who sell squirrel meat! Not for the faint hearted? :grimacing:

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I’ll resort to squirrels when rabbits go extinct…

…“Yes! Bstrds! I hate them with their long tails and their stupid twitchy noses!!”


“Oh… Amy, Amy… Right! What’s for breakfast”… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They also do Osso Buco.

The veal from Blackface is very good too. Also their roe deer…sweeter and a little milder than red deer venison.