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Contino Riddle


Riddle me this.

Does anyone know the reason for the two different labels? Are they the same wine, or not?

No idea where I got each one, and hadn’t noticed the difference until I started cataloguing

@ricard / @Ewan any thoughts?


My guess is the one on the left was made for the EU market, the one on the right was intended for North America.


Interesting riddle. I would also have said they were intended for different markets. @Britain_e’s suggestion seems a plausible one. On the CVNE website Contino page, they show the traditional label with bottle numberings (https://www.cvne.com/en/ct-vino/contino-reserva/). So I would ask the question, where did you get the bottle on the right?


I’m confused. The one on the left is the standard label. The one on the right is very similar to the standard Gran Reserva label, but only showing as Reserva. Will delve further with someone who should know.


It is odd as if you look on CellarTracker there are the same 2 label designs shown for the reserva over multiple vintages.
I assume this would back up @Britain_e and the idea of differing domestic/export markets


After some crude research and a little bit of delving, I think I may have found the answer - but don’t shoot me down if I haven’t.

The one on the right is the standard export label - it’s certainly the one The Society has sold over the years.

The one on the left is, I believe, for the Spanish domestic market which M&S took - I guess for simple differentiation.

That’s my ha’p’orth, anyhow.


Thanks. Sounds plausible.

I don’t buy from US sources so I assume you are right about it being the export label, though I’m more familiar with the Spanish one. I don’t buy from M&S but do occasionally buy from Waitrose so it is possible it came from there. I don’t keep records of what I buy so can’t really remember.

Thanks everyone for help with the research

Glad to know there was no ‘Rudy K’ involvement in the case :wink:


I’ve noticed before that M&S stock has the left hand label and TWS the right hand. No idea why. I assume one buys direct the other via an importer.