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Contino 935 Reserva 2015

Anyone tried this? Bottled for TWS. Can’t find any reviews.

This probably, or in fact actually, won’t help but I bought a case of Contino 930 2010 when it was released. I have only tried one bottle and wasn’t bowled over by it. I have better Spanish reds, but that’s maybe just my taste. The 2010 was a little harsh with bit more grip that I usually want. Maybe it needs more time.
Anyway hopefully the 2015 is better and someone can give you a view.


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Thanks. I’ve opened 934 and 937 and enjoyed them. The 935 got forgotten about.

I had a couple of Contino’s 2004 in 2020 - hoping for mature Rioja with all those tertiary leathery notes we love. The reality was dried out and thin, both bottles. So not an experience I would repeat because there are plenty of other Rioja’s out there. Sorry, perhaps not the answer you were looking for.

I have. I bought 6 EP in May 2018 for £100. Looks like I finished off the case last summer. No tasting notes though (sorry). Solid everyday drinker from memory, but I’d add that I didn’t make a point of securing the 936 or 937…

Thanks. I’ll try a bottle this weekend.

I had some of the 2010 (I think I have one left), and I was somewhat underwhelmed too. It was perfectly nice, rather beefy I thought, and not quite what I hoped for. I’ll probably leave the remaining bottle for a couple of years.

Had a good 2008 Contino a few years back as part of a mature Rioja case from TWS.
I’ve got 3 bottles of each vintage from 14 to 18 but haven’t planned to start on them until at least 10yrs old. Might have to try one now just to see if the rest are worth the fridge space.

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In Reserves at TWS to stop me drinking it (along with the 936 & 937)…will be interested in what you think and hoping that you have a more positive review than Cormski so I can justify my investment and patience…btw, The Society’s Rioja Crianza has become the House red here at Chateau Bags. At £7.95 I reckon its superb value. Anyone else any thoughts on it?

Yes I agree The Society’s Rioja Crianza is a good value and reliable Spanish red (and made by Bodegas Palacio who produce the very drinkable Glorioso), although I normally trade up by a £1 and get the navajas which I prefer. In terms of value I think The Society’s Portguese Red is sensational value at £5.95 and a great regular tipple.

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Thanks - will give the Portugese Red a go…remember going to Lisbon a few years back and thinking how undervalued their wine was

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Sorry not to be more effusive.

It was an “ok” wine to my tastes. I’ve tried various other Contino wines too.

However, there are wines I buy from TWS that, once I try them, I regret not buying more of, or I go out of my way to secure more of them (and/or build up verticals etc).

And, this is simply not one them. At the end of the day though, it’s all subjective.


Well, not the best I’ve tried in this series.

Rather sour, which I usually like, but here it is at the expense of savouriness, a recognisable Rioja nose, not much different on day 2. A decent wine but no more.


But it’s still young. One to hide away for another 10 years perhaps more?


The drinking window is to 2031, by which time I’ll be 82…

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Thanks for the note Richard. How does it compare to the 937? Sounds like you enjoyed that one more.

From memory the 937 was lighter and fresher - more ‘modern Rioja’, not that Contino are an especially ‘old school’ producer.

Thanks very much.

For how long did you decant?

I didn’t decant as I only wanted a glass. Would do next time even though little different after 24h open.