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Contact preferences-turning off paper


Hi, wonder if anybody can tell me if it’s possible to turn off paper correspondence from the wine society. I’m very happy to be contacted with offers etc and always enjoy looking at them. However, I would prefer a paperless option, which I think would also help reduce the WS costs regarding production and postage. Perhaps the option is there on the website but if so I can’t find it!

does anybody know?


There isn’t an option on the website unfortunately but give Member Services a call or drop us an email at memberservices@thewinesociety.com and we can amend it for you :slight_smile:


Thanks Paul and Catherine, I was thinking along just the same lines. I’ll get in touch with member services and opt out of hardcopy mailings.

Good Drinking!



Thanks Catherine, I shall do that, many thanks. perhaps the WS would consider making this a member-selectable option, especially as it could be easily combined with the new data protection legislation which hits next May.


I agree. It is nice to know we can do this but it would be much easier if we could opt out from mail via our account page. I am sure that a lot of members would be happy to receive the offers by email only which could have useful savings for us in postage costs. Perhaps the wine catalogue, which goes out with the AGM mailing should be an exception.


What I really want is a granular way of opting out from my account on the website. I tried to opt out of certain mailings last year but they ended up cancelling everything so I had to switch back. Personally I want the lists, ep offers and newsletter but not the regular offers which I’d rather receive by email. Lots of paper goes straight in the recycling. Annoying.


And also the opposite: I had to have a long email exchange to get the mailings I wanted. Can’t there be a list on the website (or by post for those who want this) of types of mailings on which we could opt in to which we want, and then specify email or hard copy?


I completely agree with this. I love my membership and enjoy the wines, but a large majority of the mailings go straight to the recycling. We should really be looking to make paper opt in… rather than opt out. It will save money for the society and the environment.


I do not know if it is possible, but I would like to get all the mailings just in PDF form through email.

It does seem strange that there is no easy way to opt into this apart from contacting Member services.