Congratulations to Colin Goldin

Many congratulations to Colin (@cgoldin) for being the first (non staff) member to achieve Trust Level 2 on this site.

You may not be aware, but the system tracks how engaged you are with the community by looking at how often you visit, post, read content, give and receive likes and send messages over time. This is important because it not only shows how interesting the site is for members, but also which individuals might have the most experience of the site to share.

In due course we would like to offer additional roles for members to get involved in helping others, moderating content, making decisions on site developments, and generally supporting the community - of course we hope there might be additional rewards for these members too.

As the site continues to grow and encourage many more of you to visit, post and reply regularly, I hope we will see many more achieve these targets and help to build the site.

Thank you Colin for your support


At last - a proper category on this site!


I should also say that @Bargainbob and @danchaq both followed closely behind @cgoldin and have also achieved this exalted level.

Thank you all very much indeed for your feedback, your warmth and support, and I look forward to growing this group further together and to many more conversations in future.