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Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month



Yo Alex, fancy meeting you here! :slight_smile:


Haha, likewise my friend! It seems we frequent the same bars, I hope you are still drinking well. :grinning:



Our clever Community bot :robot: has picked out two more new joiners to win our prized ‘New User of the Month’ badge.

So a big congrats to October’s winners, who are:

@JD1892, who got stuck straight in and joined us for the Fine Wine Trade Secrets virtual tasting, gave some great skiing advice, among various other lovely chats. Great to see you posting so regularly!


@AWomanwithaCellar, (fab username!!), who we’ve enjoyed getting to know in the Introductions thread and who - funnily enough - even joked about getting a badge! :laughing: Well now you’ve got one, and very well deserved it is too! Looking forward to you joining us at the November virtual tasting!

A warm welcome to ALL of our new members this month - if you haven’t already, why not ask a question or Introduce yourself? :smiley:


Thanks @laura, it has been really enjoyable and looking forward to the next virtual tasting.


Thank you Laura, I’m looking forward to it too. Our wines have arrived but I have managed to hold off opening them, so far!



Welcome to all of our new users this month - you’ve certainly made your presence felt, and it’s been great to see so many new faces! :smiley:

Our clever Community bot :robot: has chosen to new joiners to win our prized ‘New User of the Month’ badge.

So a big congrats to our November winners, who are:

@Bluebeard, a brand new member of The Society who has signed up to The Community and got stuck straight in with our Rhone chat and giving some Cahors travel advice (thanks!) :smile:


@thewinelake, who only joined a few weeks ago but has already become a regular face here! :smiley: Particular highlights include the advice in the ‘Starting a wine collection’ thread and joining in the Chateau Musar chat.

Well done both, and hello to all our newcomers - we look forward to chatting with you soon! :wave:


Thank you! Looking forward to spending time and money on this site over the coming months and years :slight_smile:


Be careful what you wish for… :wink::mage:


Bought a new wine rack today…


Aha… Too late to save your soul… :crystal_ball:


Beware, as I’m approaching my first year anniversary, I totted up my spend at TWS since joining. I wish I hadn’t!!


I think we all make that mistake once and once only :open_mouth:


Sadly if you go on your order history page the cold reality is all too visible…fortunately my wife hasn’t found that one yet.


Ah yes, I’m very careful with the scrollbar on that page.


You mean you can’t get the whole year on one page? That is a worry…


I can, and plenty more besides - it’s just that I try to avoid looking at too many of those numbers in that middle column!


There’s a simple solution to this - just invest in a cheaper, lower resolution monitor. That way, less lines appear on the screen. It works for me…



Well, our clever bots :robot: have been doing the numbers again to decide who will win our prized 'New User of the Month’ badge.

Either they’re still taking it easy after the Christmas break or there was simply one super stand-out new contributor, because they’ve only picked one rather than their usual two badge winners!

So extra congrats to our winner:

@Wineman74! You got stuck in with some d’Arenberg chat and made us chuckle with a typo which suggested you’d been a member of The Society for over a millenia. We look forward to getting to know you better! :smiley:

Hello to all our new members (there have been quite a few of you in the last few days - starting 2019 right, I see!) - why not start a topic about something you’re passionate about? :smiley:


Thank you.
I’m glad my typo was appreciated!
I look forward to reading and contributing in 2019.


Hi there, I’m wondering whether I’m the first new community member of 2019 - or has someone else beaten me to it :0)

My name is Terri, 43 from London. I’ve been a member of the Wine Society for a long time but for some reason never joined this community - until I saw the message a week or so ago about the live tasting chat (the one with the Turkish wine) which I thought looked great and is ‘close to home’ as my parents moved there about 15 years’ ago!

So - I love wine. I’m WSET 3 qualified and am waiting for the results of a French Wine Scholar exam I took in December (through the Wine Scholar Guild). An interesting fact I suppose (am I going on too long here?!) is that I quit my corporate life in June last year to follow my passion for wine and communications (in effect I write, organise, and event manage for living). It started with the summer in France and then started my first job in the wine industry around October.

I’m always almost accompanied by my border collie Rex who is way more popular on Twitter than me!

Looking forward to getting involved in the Community!