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Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month

This morning, the friendly and hard-working community bot picked its new selections for ‘Members of the Month’ for December 2017, and the winners were:

@KevinHewitt and @MikeSmart

Welcome to both of you and thank you for taking part by introducing yourselves and for sharing great ideas.

Don’t forget that as new members you, and anyone else who has joined and started taking part since November, will be entered into our draw - and if you add an image to your profile, you have two chances to win!

The newest ‘New Members of the month’ will be decided by the great algorithm in the sky (or server) in the next day or two. If you’ve just joined, get posting and liking … it could be YOU!

I also would like to take this occasion to welcome all the new members who I believe might have joined us thanks to the article that only just came out in Society News - so plenty more will probably be arriving in the next few days (cheers @JO4WINE) including:

@robin, @Ikkyu, @Spud, @jamesjohn, @Susan, @Pavel, @wilsog, @Andy999, @nickf, @johnkeithson, @HuwPrice, @MaggieS, @RWFCRC, @AndrewSavage, @jlabrey, @GuidoD

Edit: no sooner had I posted that than we got more new members (so felt I should include you, @Barry_Emmerton @Venavii and @SWIG )

Welcome to you all - I look forward to chatting with you in due course!


What a great welcome, thanks! I only joined last night (and yes, it was thanks to the article in Society News). Looking forward to joining in with the Community.


Many thanks for the welcome. We are a group of some thirty wine lovers based in Salisbury and are looking forward to participating.

** drumroll please **


@SPmember (for contributions to our tastings discussions) and @bean (whose love of hi-fi and old VWs inspired extra welcome likes)

You will now forever be the proud owner of the star ‘Member of the Month’ badge on your card :star2: :smile:

Welcome also to all those new members who have joined even since my message above - We are so glad to have new members and to see so many of your join the conversation straight away;

@Aldwyn2304 @andrew @SteveSlatcher @michaelcamps @RayC @apache238 @Yorkie @Goater @Mr_T (not THE Mr T are you??) @Johnscot @mbetteridge

More results coming through on the wires as we speak …

This month has been INCREDIBLY exciting for me as we have promoted the community more widely and the membership has grown hugely, with over 200 new members in February alone.

If you have just joined us, I am so very happy to see you here. Please don’t forget to Introduce Yourself so we can meet you and get to know you better.

This means that there must have been an even greater competition for New Member of the Month in February, and I’m very happy to congratulate the winners:

@tbennett54 who shared a very popular bottle he was planning to enjoy on the weekend


@tinderbox who gave useful advice on the London restaurant scene and where to enjoy a good bottle while you are out

Many congratulations to them, and another welcome to everyone else joining this month


A little later than usual this month because of Easter holidays (I had a lovely time in Scotland … but it was not because of the wine or wifi) so we have two announcements this month:

First, you might be interested to know that we hit a small milestone last week when the 1000th member of the Community joined us. For the record, I believe that was @MSimmos who is also, I believe, a new member of The Society. Thank you SO MUCH for joining us, and I hope you have a wonderful wine adventure!

Second, the new members of the month for March were … one member and one ‘interloper’

Congratulations to @Stubirrell for a most entertaining and envy-building report of some family celebrations and a special bottle of port!

The second ‘member’ of the month is actually a member of staff who got rather animated in our recent TWS Taste event … and although staff are not usually included in these ‘awards’ the system has decided that he should be celebrated anyway, … so welcome and thanks so much for the insights, @Freddy

A great start to Spring! Thank you all and well done for building one of the most exciting wine (and social) places on the web.


Congratulations everyone and I saw “YES” to more of @Freddy joining in the virtual tastings…:+1:

30 days has September, April, June and the “New member of the Month Report schedule

So it is time again for me to send absolutely nothing but congratulations and good wishes in the direction of two members who have joined us in the last month, and who have helped to make this a fun and busy place.

Our April ‘New User of the Month’ were:

@ChrisP whose chef background, and particularly his love of cheese, got some of us very excited. Chris, I hope the pride in this “award” comes a close second to the promotion of Dulwich Hamlet FC yesterday. Congratulations!

Also due congratulations, though not for any football related reasons, is @colinsmithathome who has actively contributed to a number of threads, but it seems that his advice on making the most of your Society case on holiday proved a member’s favourite!

Thank you both, and welcome again. I do hope this badge will be a welcome boost for the (short) week ahead.


Wow, thanks Robert. I was at the match yesterday and it was absolute carnage. Brilliant scenes. Always happy to talk about cheese and cheese and wine matching (although secretly believe that beer is a better match!).


What a silly badge great way to promote participation.


Another month under our virtual belt, and so many more great new members.

This month we have been joined by a LOT of members who have been with The Society for under a year and so have a lot of wines to explore and get to know, so I’m particularly pleased to see all the suggestions in the weekly share threads.

I’m very excited by some of the new usernames and what they promise about the members contributions, such as: @Lungs_and_livers @granslife @Aviationcomment (shouldn’t you be part of the Mile high club - reporting on airline wine conversation?) and @wildgoose

However, amongst the group there will always be those new arrivals who participate even more than the rest, and therefore achieve the highly-sought-after-yet-ultimately-meaningless title of “New Member of the Month”, and I’m very glad to be the one to welcome:

@Pipe49 who has joined this exclusive club on the back of a very welcome ‘welcome post’ that got many of us excited about New Zealand

and, … another slight interloper, but still welcome

@mcropp who, like @Freddy who captured this gong a few months ago, is a member of Society Staff so I should probably have disallowed this, but whose contributions around the Showroom AMA, and also the fantastic new White Bordeaux videos, have been highly appreciated.



It’s time to announce the latest New User of the Month badge earners! These badges are awarded automatically to the two new users who have already made a positive dent on this friendly Community.

This month, it’s… ** drum roll**

@ScottC, whose ‘Introduce Yourself’ post entertained us immensely, especially the revelation of his family ‘pet’ being a cuddly mole toy who stars in the family holiday snaps. Still want to see some of these photos! :smile:


@bondy, who joined to tell us how much he’d enjoyed the wines at our AGM tasting - a post which got a lot of ‘likes’ from fellow members and Society staff alike. :slight_smile:

Thanks to both of you for such lovely contributions - can’t wait to hear more from you soon! :+1:



It’s that time again! drumroll…

The latest recipients of the New User of the Month badge have been chosen by the Community bot for their great contributions, and they are…

@PhilDabrowski, who joins us all the way from Singapore, and got stuck in straight away by starting an interesting topic on overseas delivery options.


@erdunn, who’s already become a popular contributor to our weekly drinking threads, and adds very lovely photographs (I particularly like yesterday’s one!)

Welcome both, and congratulations on your badge - well deserved! Looking forward to chatting more with you soon. :smiley:



How has another month flown by? We’ve had a huge influx of new members in August, so competition has been fierce, but our clever bot has chosen the two lucky recipients of the New User of the Month badge. They are…

@Mike a brand new member from Jersey who asked for recommendations for his first order! This is EXACTLY the kind of thing we built The Community for so we’re chuffed to see so many fellow members giving suggestions. :smiley:


@Alexander_Lomas, who posted a popular entry into our 200-word writing competition which got a lot of ‘likes’ (it was another favourite with the judges, too!)

Welcome to ALL our new members this month - don’t be shy, introduce yourselves and say hi! :wave:


Thankyou to everyone at the Wine Society and community! Really nice to be involved and this is a lovely surprise!:grinning:



It’s time to announce who’s received our monthly ‘New User of the Month’ badge by our super smart Community bot. :robot:

September’s winners of the badge are:

@GuyParry, who has been fighting the corner for half bottles and giving Italian travel tips! :clap:


@KLJB, who got stuck straight in helping you all find some LIDL wine bargains! :smiley:

A big hello to ALL our new members this month - why not join us for the next #twstaste virtual wine tasting on 18th October?


Yo Alex, fancy meeting you here! :slight_smile:


Haha, likewise my friend! It seems we frequent the same bars, I hope you are still drinking well. :grinning:



Our clever Community bot :robot: has picked out two more new joiners to win our prized ‘New User of the Month’ badge.

So a big congrats to October’s winners, who are:

@JD1892, who got stuck straight in and joined us for the Fine Wine Trade Secrets virtual tasting, gave some great skiing advice, among various other lovely chats. Great to see you posting so regularly!


@AWomanwithaCellar, (fab username!!), who we’ve enjoyed getting to know in the Introductions thread and who - funnily enough - even joked about getting a badge! :laughing: Well now you’ve got one, and very well deserved it is too! Looking forward to you joining us at the November virtual tasting!

A warm welcome to ALL of our new members this month - if you haven’t already, why not ask a question or Introduce yourself? :smiley: