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Congrats to TWS - Exhibition Pinotage is AWEsome

Congrats to TWS. The Association of Wine Educators (AWE) have selected a Society branded wine for its 100 AWEsome wines list.

Its The Society’s Exhibition Pinotage 2017, Stellenbosch, South Africa: in the Red £10-£25 category.

They say:

This is a smart example of more modern Pinotage. Smoky plums with blackberries and loganberry fruit, this is a medium to fullbodied wine. The tannins are still there making this a wine to pair with a good beef stew and of course a BBQ.

Another 13 wines sold by TWS are on the list, including Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes 2018, Thymiopoulos A.O.P Náoussa, Greece from the same stable as the much discussed Bin No. 5
The 100 AWEsome wines are listed here


I know you love your pinotage, have you tried this one and what do you think? I only have the 2016, but was thinking to leave it a little longer.

What about this one… very tempting A Fistful of Schist Pinotage -Barbera, Swartland 2019 - just being opportunistic while we have @peterm’s ears…


Oh yes!!

I bought seven and had one last year and one in January. Nice drinking with fresh upfront fruit, but of course there’s no hurry.

As you probably know it’s Kanonkop’s Kadette Pinotage, made by Kanonkop’s winemaker Abrie Beeslaar just like the Estate Pinotage, except using grapes from a vineyard outside the estate but within its sight, and using older barrels and a shorter time aging in barrel.

The grapes come from the same vineyard as Abrie uses for his own private bottling under his own Beeslaar label, and Beeslaar retails at roughly four times the cost.

I’d buy more if I didn’t already have so many Kanonkop wines.

2017 is probably the last vintage from that vineyard as a competitor bought the vineyard; I am not sure if the sale had gone through before the 2018 harvest, but that was when I was told about the sale.


My ears aren’t going out much these days so I spend my time here and they are always open to you :slight_smile:

Pinotage-Barbera is a most unusual blend, but I had this blend twice last year under a different label. I got it from Majestic at £9.99 under the Short Street label, which turned out to be from the very reliable Swartland co-operative Riebeek Cellars.

Fistful of Schist is also made by Riebeek Cellars, according to the TWS info, so I assume they are the same wine.

I wrote the following about Short Street:

The blend proportions aren’t available, but since Pinotage is listed first I assume Barbera is the junior partner. However, from the taste there’s more than a dash of it.

On the nose there’s cedar wood and berry fruits. The wine is a rich damson red colour and it has a creamy mouthfeel backed by tannins. Barbera’s bright fruitiness shines. I really enjoyed this wine which had lots of fruit and spice.

I’ve not had Fistful of Schist but the price now is 3 1/2 pounds less than I paid Majestic at the beginning of 2019. So I should really add it to my next order…


Thanks, I am adding it to my next order, as well as the Exhibition Pinotage.

Might I also suggest you look at

It’s 10 year old wine, I just collected one today from Stevenage. I am good friend of its then winemaker/viticulturist Francois Naude and a huge fan of L’Avenir up to the time Laroche bought it. I thought it went into a dip with the new team. Now with a new ownership and new winemaker, chosen by Francois, it’s back at its peak.

So why suggest this wine? The Grand Vin was the top label, and it’s ten years old - I think its worth a punt to try a mature Pinotage at a reasonable price (I assume LaRoche wanted to clear out old stock and offered bargain prices.) It comes from the old vineyard planted by Francois.

I will try it soon, but I don’t know how much TWS has got and it may have gone by time I report back.


405 bottles… thanks for the heads up, will pop it in my basket, too. I did enjoy the 10 year anniversary releases of Kanonkop in the past, this is the same age (even if there is nothing more in common, save of course the grape)…

How do you find out the number of bottles in stock?

The 2010 label is a bit funny. The winery came under the new ownership in 2010 and Platter lists the 2009 as the last Grand Vin.

According to Platter 2014 labelling changed with the 2010 vintage and Grand Vin was dropped, top label now being the Single Block.

Platter says of the 2010 Single Block Pinotage

This has always a particularly sophisticated Pinotage. Unshowy yet with core intensity & concentration in fine textured 10. Subtle oaking enhances overall polish. To drink now would deny greater pleasure around 2017-2020. 4.5 stars.

So did it get an old label stuck on it before they decided to change or was Platter tasting a pre-release sample and didn’t realise the 2010 would be labelled Grand Vin? There was no 2011 Single Block.

Is a mystery to me.

Just added all of them to my basket… it will tell you when you cannot add more.

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I usually try adding something silly like 1000 cases to the shopping basket and then it comes back and says “sorry we could only add x bottles”. Works fine unless TWS has imposed a per member bottle limit on some of the rarer wines.

[Just remember to delete them from your basket afterwards!!!]


One of the 10 I just collected!

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Sorry, Sheila, I’ve lost track. Which one did you get of the three mentioned above? Exhibition, Fistful of Schist or L’Avenir?

The exhibition. You had recommended the 2016 so it seemed worth a try. Now I’ll have to think about the others.


Looks like this wine has been taken off the list for some reason. Definitely not sold out… or at least I think there was still plenty in stock. What might have happened?

Perhaps someone was checking the stock and accidentally went ahead witht he order…


Good point… let me check. :wink:

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That has to be one very good reason to not use direct debit! :woozy_face: :grimacing:

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@szaki1974 It’s back!